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Sahil S

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Sahil Saini's Wiki






Here is some information about the Black Hills:

Fact 1: The Black Hills are home two Mount Rushmore and to Crazy Horse

Fact 2: The Lacota indians did not like the idea of carving their sacred muntains

Fact 3: The Crazy Horse Monument is not completed. 

Fact 4: Did you know that there is a cave in the mountain behind the heads on Mount Rushmore? It is called the Hall of Records.

Fact 5: The Crazy Horse Memorial is home of the world’s largest mountain sculpture in progress.





Here is some information about Puerto Rico:

Fact 1: The island of Puerto Rico is almost rectangular in shape

Fact 2: Puerto Rico holds the U.S.'s only rainforest.

Fact 3:  Winning without contest, Luquillo Beach 30 miles east of San Juan, attracts both local families, mainly from San Juan, and visitors from Condado

Fact 4: Mount Britton is one of the most famous spots in the rainforest

Fact 5:Puerto Rico's population is 3,958,128 (July 2008 est.)



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No parents, a dead uncle and now a now in a life-threatening situation Alex Rider slips away.








 Fourteen year-old Alex Rider are sent on a mission to spy on a man from Cairo, Herod Sayle. He’s creating a computer named StormBreaker to help all the schools in the UK. NOT! Secretly putting a virus, which is an enhanced version of chicken pox that can kill you; he tries to get his revenge from people bulling him. His Uncle Ian Rider was first sent on the mission but got shot by Gregor Yasavich a Russian mercenary. Now Alex Rider takes the place of a computer whiz to not only try the new computers but also to check the area out. Before that he was sent to a training camp for military specialties and caused a huge disaster while saving his friends. Now after snooping, Herod Sayle is becoming suspicious and then after explaining that he had to go to the bathroom he was luckily set free. But, later Mr. Grin Herod’s guard searched threw Alex’s stuff and found out Alex’s real identity. Now Alex tried retracing his Uncle’s steps he ends up in a tank with the most deadly jellyfish in the water. But, using metal melting cream the jellyfish ends up on another guard Mrs. Vole. Then breaking into the institute of science museum explains the truth and then save the day. My recommendation on this book is 5 out of 5. It is really good and the movie behind it also great although a bit different. If you like spy books then this is perfect.

















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Great start to your wiki--GO GREEN!!

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dude you took my games.

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