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  • The Spanish navigator, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo in 1542, first found California.


  • California became a U.S. territory in 1847 when Mexico surrendered to John C. Frémont.


  • Death Valley, in the southeast, is 282 ft below sea level, the lowest point in the nation.


  • The main industries are agriculture, manufacturing (transportation equipment, machinery, and electronic equipment), biotechnology, aerospace-defense, and tourism. 


  • The official state flag of California, called the Bear Flag, was first used on June 14, 1846, but was not officially adopted until 1911 and it was designed by William Todd. The flag has a grizzly bear and a star. The first Californian flag was quickly made by a group of American settlers who had just captured the town of Sonoma (from Mexico) and needed a flag to replace the Mexican banner.



          There are many reasons why I would want to go to California but here are a few. For one California has a pretty interesting history because it is near Mexico and there was a lot of conflict between the Americans and the Mexicans. The Spanish first claimed it and I would go there to see some remains of the conflicts. I would also visit Death Valley partly because of the name and it sound cool and because it’s the lowest point in the U.S. Also there is a lot of tourism you could do because of Disney Land, Hollywood, and so many other things and I would try to learn more about California’s history there.








                                         Lava Beds National Park




  • During the Modoc War of 1872-1873, a small band of Modoc Indians used an intimate knowledge of their homeland's terrain to their tactical advantage. Under the leadership of Kintpuash (Captain Jack), the Modocs took refuge in "Captain Jacks Stronghold," a natural lava fortress.


  • Tall Hawkseeds blooms in early summer all over the monument and it is a great nectar source for butterflies.


  • The Lava Beds National Park has tons of nature and science you can discover and there are bats and birds, caves and cinder cones, and a lot of really cool wildlife you can examine.



  • Perched at 4,791 feet (1,460 meters) atop the lava flows near Crescent and Hippo buttes, the Visitor Center building provides a fantastic view of the park.


  • At night, the lights of the small town of Newell and the scattered farms and ranches light up the horizon, roughly 20 miles away.





          Lava Beds National Monument is a fantastic place to go and there are a lot of things you can do there. There are beautiful Tall Hawkseeds and other flowers that you smell and take in. There is also lot of history in the Park like tunnels made by ancient people and a lot of wars and some monuments you can also see. There is also a lot of wildlife and science you can observe like bats, birds, caves, and cinder cones. There is also a lot of active lava that you can see but stay clear of the path!  There is also another wondrous sight you can see at night and that is the lights from the neighboring towns across the horizon. So there are a lot of things you can learn but what I would do is see the awesome lava! 











                                        Sal and Phoebe Revealed





There are many differences between Sal and Phoebe in Walk Two Moons but they’re pretty different and similar in many things.


Sal and Phoebe both had their moms both disappear and they both took it kind of similarly but they both had a bit of them selves in the stages of grief. So Sal is going through the stages of her mom’s death while a bit later in the book Phoebe starts grieving over her vanishing mother. So then Sal gets over the death gradually throughout the book when Phoebe just explodes with emotion. Phoebe seems to proclaim it to the whole world when she presents her project on Pandora and so then she starts pretty calmly and then things turned wrong. She starts criticizing Ben whom also did the Pandora project and she starts saying stuff about Pandora and she obviously puts in stuff about her self because it showed up in what she was talking about. Then she started complimenting Pandora and then it sounded what Phoebe wanted and then she stops talking and blushed, then after that, it was subtler. So then Sal seemed to be pretty okay with her own mom’s disappearance, well there were parts in the story she had flashbacks about her mom and so then that was not very smart about forgetting her mom. So they both had their own paths but eventually they got over it.


          Sal and Phoebe rely on each other if they need something, but Sal and Phoebe have similar personalities. Sal is pretty stubborn sometimes like in the beginning when she refuses to leave their old house. She is very on top of things, too. Every time Mrs. Winterbottom is in the room Sal notices how Mrs. Winterbottom is feeling. Phoebe is kind of similar to Sal. She is also very very paranoid and if you think about it the lunatic could’ve been anyone. She also is as stubborn as Sal. She was pretty stubborn when she presented the Pandora project.


          As you see Phoebe and Sal are similar and different in many ways.




                                                                 Music is Cool!






Playing an instrument or learning to sing is very vital and fun. Not only does it look good on college applications, it’s fun and it also you helps with you math and rhythm either by a little or more. It also changes the way you look at music.


You might play an instrument or sing and that can help with your college application. Even though there might not be a big difference, that’s one more reason to be accepted. For example, colleges or universities look at everything you do, like extracurricular things or like community service and playing an instrument helps you when you are applying for a college. So playing an instrument or singing can change what you study in college. So playing an instrument is a difference on your application.


The way you look at music will change if you play and instrument or sing. If you play an instrument or sing, that will probably change what kind of music you listen to, either by a lot or a little. The music you play on your instrument or sing, you will listen to a more, it’s guaranteed. For example, you also might sing along or play along to a song or actually follow a song. It also kind of influences your life.


Playing an instrument or learning to sing can help you with your math and rhythm, because you can’t sing or play an instrument without rhythm. When you play an instrument you must learn to read notes and keep rhythm, also the same with singing. For example, if you tried to play an instrument or sing without rhythm then it will sound really bad and it will be kind of embarrassing. Also it helps you with math because you must learn to count measures and etc.


Playing an instrument or learning to sing is very vital and fun. It looks good on a college application; it changes the way you look at music and it helps you with math and rhythm. So please listen and learn to play an instrument!!!





                                        Silence             By Sung-Mok     1/10/10     2nd hour





             Stephen was observing the area. The sun was sh8ining on his badge; he barked orders at the men dressed in blue. He told them to cover the perimeter. AS he got closer to the smoking crater, he realized that there was an oddly formed car in the crater.


            Stephen Crawford realized that the car looked a bit familiar like something from a sci-fi movie. Suddenly one of his officers yelled, “Sir! I found a door!” When Stephen heard this, he followed the voice down to the crater and he found the man and he said, “It seems to be empty Sgt. Crawford.” Crawford, the man, and 3 more men went in. They discovered a high tech room with controls and buttons labeled with an unknown language. And on the ground was a dead monster. Sgt. Crawford quickly dialed his phone and said, “Is this the U.S. Army? There is an unknown biological creature here that is just laying here!” Just as he finished saying this, the monster as tall and as big as two men jumped up and flung is arm at the nearest cop, the man hit the ground dead. Crawford pulled out his gun as well as the other cops and started shooting it. It was quickly taken down. Soon enough the Army was crawling all over the scene, cops were to return to their stations and Special Ops. from all over the world came to East Lansing, Michigan.


            Crawford shivered as he remembered that dreadful night. It was now 2060, 28 years after that night. He counted the dreadful years and he sat up from his couch and looked at his uniform laying on the couch next to him, all nice and clean. He wished that he could just quit his job at the station, downtown. But he knew that his family could not survive without him with a job so then he was still a Sgt. He turned the TV on and sighed seeing that practically every channel was talking about the aliens and that topic. He wished that he could just live his life peacefully especially since he was 53 and he was no longer considered “hip”. People had started making theories and protests and what not and so then he sat back down with a sigh again. He realized that the aliens’ demand for half of the Earth was too strong and that they would be going to war soon. But he was just afraid for his wife, 14-year-old daughter, and his 22-year-old son in the Army.


            The day after Crawford was updated with the alien controversy. He looked outside his window and everything was deathly silent, but you could practically feel the chaos and sadness in the air. He was gravely told over the phone by his boss, who was the head chief of the police station that it wasn’t possible to give up half of the earth so then they would be going to war soon.  As he looked outside again it was different, there ere airplanes and soldiers moving out and he saw some parents and family in doorways saluting and grieving for them as they left. He sighed and turned on the TV, and to find CNN reporting form where the aliens had started to invade. From New York there was a reporter standing behind all of the shooting, the pained yelling, and the explosions. The reporter started talking about how this would affect the future if the world survived, but one part really caught his attention. He heard, “ There has been news that the aliens have a highly explosive bomb that could take out about half or the whole world.” Crawford was already running upstairs and he yelled, “ Laura! Mary!” His wife, Laura slowly walked out of the bedroom still half asleep, as well as Mary, his daughter. He quickly grabbed their arms firmly and he told them about the situation. He picked up his gun, loaded it, and then cocked it. He started to take them downstairs, but as he was walking to the living room he caught a glance outside and all he saw was an ash cloud covering the earth and an eerie glow of greenish blue steadily coming towards them and as he looked closer he saw that he saw it swallowing up large buildings and then it would disintegrate or blow up. He was startled at the brutality of the beam. As he panicked like a little school girl, he grabbed some food even though he knew not only would they not survive, Twinkies, Cheerios, and Barbeque chips were not going to last them long………as he came to realize it, he decided that if they survived he would get rid of all the junk food in their house.


            Stephen, Laura, and Mary were huddled together and as he saw the time he realized that soon the beam would reach them. Stephen started at the infrared numbers of 6:33 PM and he realized that this would be the last generation of the Crawford’s. He picked up a sticky note stuck to the ground neglected that had sat there for a long time. He thought that like this sticky note all disoriented and not even the original color all blackened up by the dust and brutality people’s feet that in a few minutes they would be just like it……….or just ash… Then suddenly there was a huge earthquake and he looked up in through the basement window and he saw that there was about 10 seconds before it hit them. He started counting down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and he slid closer and he said, “ It’s going to be” 3, “alright.” 2, 1.


            Then there was silence as the world turned from blue and green to lava red and black. There was no more noise or movement. Everything was still, as the outsiders slowly started populating the earth.




                                        Leviathan              By Sung-Mok        1/28/10







            Leviathan is a story that will engage your feelings or thoughts for World War I...with a twist.



            Prince Aleksander, or Alek for short was a smart boy around 12 to 14. He was the son of the mighty Austria Hungary Empire, and he loved playing with his figurines. This was what he was doing one night and he was happy because he could do almost whatever he wanted because his parents were away making peace with another empire. But then, he heard footsteps, but it was only his masters in mechanics and fencing. But things turned into a nightmare as soon as he stepped outside for a night running with a sleek war machine called a walker. But he was soon trapped under they heavy gunfire of enemies and the yells of his mechanics teacher.



            Deryn was a girl around Prince Aleksander’s age and she was not known for her looks or her charms in the family, but of her boyishness. But along with her boyishness, came wits, and she knew a lot about air travel and basically everything to do with the sky. Deryn devised a plan to disguise herself as a boy to get into the British Air Fleet, she hoped that she would make it and in the very first challenge to join the fleet went askew. Soon she was aboard the Leviathan and found her self working there.



            Aleksander being a Clanker: People, who relied solely on mechanics and robots for war with machine guns, rockets, and all kinds of weapons, hated the Darwinists. Deryn being a Darwinist who is a person, who genetically creates super animals that come for legends and myths, also hated the Clankers. When Deryn and Aleksander meet all kinds of chaos and destruction erupts. But one is hiding and the other is hiding a secret. If you want krakens, action, guns, robots, flying whales, humor, and again action this is the book for you!



            I think that this is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to someone who likes action, and there a few humorous parts in the story. It’s not a really long read, but it’s not a short book either. It’s about 300 to 400 pages.


       Leviathan Book Summary


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 Music is Cool : Persuasive Essay


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              The Saints are Coming


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Gladiators (2010SP)





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