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Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 2d953f839e3c44e389863e400c6f8a44



Hershey PA is the sweetest pace on earth.  For 100 years the Hershey bar factory has bin making one of Americas greatest chocolate bar.  Created by Milton S. Hershey 100 years ago.   Now a town bears his name.  The company dissent just make chocolate bar it makes lots more chocolate treat.  Now people come from near and far to Hershey PA to see how it all started.


Yellowstone National park a fun place to go.  Yellowstone national park was estadlished in 1872.  It was America's first national park,  It is located in Wyomiming,Montana and Idaho.  It is home to a lage vriety of   wildlife inclulding grizzy bears, wolves, bison and elk.  Located in Yellowstone is old faithul gyser.  Now thundreds of people come near and far to Yellowstone national park.



What you first think and what you then  learn

                                                                                             By Suzy


 Sal learns people aren’t always what they seem.  At first she thinks Mrs. Cadaver is a little strange and thinks she killed her husband.  But then she then she learns that her husband died in car crash.  When she first meets Mike she things he is a lunatic.  But then she learned he is Mrs. Winterboum’s son who is a young college student.  At first you think some people are a little stage when you first meet them ,but as you get to know them they start to seem normal.


                                    No  Smoking

                                                         by Suzy



Smoking is bad for meny raesons.  It can kill you because it can give you cancer.  It can make you sick because of what's in it.  It can make other people sick if they breathe it in.  Smoking is bad because people trick you into using it and you get addicted.  People at the cigarette and tobacco companies have been trying to get kids to buy cigarette and start smoking for years by using cartoon characters, advertising commercials, and making flavored cigarettes, but now it's all illegal.  They can't make, use, or do any of these things.  These are just a few rasons why

 smoking is so bad for you.


                      The future of technology

                                                             By Suzy




I believe that robot, computers and other kinds of technology will benefit us throe out are lives.  I think computers have are ready started to take over some of are jobs.  Robots are becoming more and more sophisticated everyday.  There are so many kinds of technology taking over everyday life like cellphones, computers ext.




                       Women’s Rights

                                                       By, Suzy Worthington



Women have fought long and hard through war and much more to get a fair education, voting rights, and to keep their money.



During the 18 and 1900’s their weren’t many jobs for women.  Some were teachers, a few were writers and a lot were factory workers.  For women a factory job was one of a few ways for women to make money.  Even though they worked late hours, they weren’t  payed much and the work was very dangerous.  Men with these jobs were payed much more than women and a lot of these workers were young girl 10 or younger.



With the outbreak for the civil war in 1861, women’s efforts on behalf of equal rights came to a stand still.  But in 1864 a women named Lillie Hitchcock Coit became one of the first female firefighters in the world.  In world war 1,many women enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  During world war 2, women took men’s place in the factory and even in the air force known as the W.A.S.P.



The territory of Wyoming granted women the right to vote in 1869.  This engraving record the scene when women cast their ballots in the city of Cheyenne.  A delegation of speak out for suffrage before the Judiciary committee of congress in 1871.  In 1885, would-be women voters stormed a New York polling place.  Members of the women’s Congressional Union for Equal suffrage storm the capitol in 1916.  In 1920 women won the right to vote.



Through the early 1800’s women were expected to learn domestic task and little else.  In Troy, New York, a women named Emma Willard founded the first institution of higher learning for girl’s in 1821.  Many mothers didn’t like what was being taught.


Through whatever life threw at them whether it was it was war or men’s criticism women, they fought hard for their rights.




                                           Dinner & A Story

                                                                   BY Suzy Worthington




I sat at the table for dinner.  My grandma Viv was sitting next to me.  My grandma is a loving, caring, short, old woman with a big heart.  As people ate and talked, I kept quiet and listened to all the stories going around the table.  After dinner, I started listening again.  This time top my grandma as she told me about her childhood.  In WWII, she was a nurse and then she met my grandfather who I never knew.  My grandma Viv’s hair may be white and she’s now old, but she has a lot of stories to tell and I intend to listen to all of them. 



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