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Sydstuff's Awesome mythical experience

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Diana’s Tantrum


Once in a small town in Greece, there was a girl named Diana. People were confused that she was the Goddess Diana, so she was praised every day. One day she got fed up with all their chanting and gifts, and she blew up and stormed all around the town.

                “ I can’t stand it! All of you be quiet! I wish my parents never had given me that name. I wish I were never born!” she yelled. Then her face got red and she started to cry. Through her sobs, she ran to a hill, far away from the town. She collapsed, and started to tear out the grass on the ground.


                Suddenly, the ground started to shake. The wind was high and Diana’s grass piles floated away. She got up in a hurry, worrying the ground would eat her.


                “Hello, Diana.” A strong man’s voice rang in her head. She paused, her expression in awe.


                “Hello…” she said very slowly.  “Who is this? What are you doing inside my head?” She waited. Finally, she said,

                “I am Zeus, king of all gods, and I am here to grant your wish.” Diana pulled her heavy hands onto her head.

                “What wish? What are you talking about?” She was on the verge of crying.


                “You wished you were never born. Is this what causes you such stress?” she hesitated.


                “Yes… Yes it is.”


                “Then you shouldn’t have a problem me fulfilling that wish, right?” A single tear dropped slowly through her face, almost stopping time.


                “Right.” She said, her eyes closed.


                “But I can’t do that, so I will do something better.” He said. Diana’s eyes popped open.


                “Really? Wait,” she questioned. “What are you going to do?” he cleared his throat.


            “I’ll turn you… an animal. Pick your favorite.”



                “Hmm…” she thought.  “A cat. I love cats.”



                “I wouldn’t have chosen that,” he said more to himself. “But that’s fine. Goodbye, Diana, and good luck.” He said, and then disappeared from her head. “Goodbye, Zeus. And Thank you!” she smiled. It would be better than to die. She gave gratitude to the god. Then, she dissolved into the form of a cat, and flashed away to the little town in Greece.

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Hisham, Arifah said

at 8:25 pm on Nov 4, 2008

Cool myth.

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