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The Big Move!

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The Big Move!


“5,4,3,2,1 take off,” said the pilot

“Hi im Jill and for the next 100 years of my life I’ll be living on Jupiter thanks to Dr.Jupiter. This is my story.


                         In the year 3100 a sciencetist named Dr. Jupiter                                 predicted that in exactly 3 years from today, July 22,3100 the world will just all of a   sudden the world will blow up! Without even a 3-day notice everyone on earth had to be packed and ready to be shipped to the solar system. Nobody really believed Dr. Jupiter but we had to go along with the plan.


 5 days later…

                         We finally reached Jupiter, the fight here was horrible!

First most of the water spilled out when the neighbor kids threw there bottles straight through the water container and we had to live on one gallon of water for 5 day and 198 people! Second we just found out that the government of earth wants the aliens to teach us instead of of the human teachers! Because the aliens are supposable smarter than humans! Third this is just not going to work for me! I hope Dr. Jupiter is right because if he’s not a lot of people are going to be really mad!

                          The only thing I’ve noticed is that the aliens aren’t much

Different then humans but they are a lot smarter the only thing is that they speak a weird language when they’re not teaching us. I met a lot of nice aliens though I thought they would all be mean or evil. My life is going OK on this planet I liked earth a lot better.


 3 years later…


                          Well its been three years and nothing has happened and yet it

Is july 23rd so I guess we can go back to earth, NOT  im just joking it actually blew up yesterday! what happened was the scienctists dug a big hole the reached the core and a bomb from world war 5 fell into the hole and went off! Well atleast Dr. Jupiter could of told us! Well I guess well be here for a long time!                       


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