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the change

Page history last edited by Wilson, Samantha 15 years, 6 months ago


                                    The Change




          It was the year 3000 and everyone looked the same. It all started with an operation that changed your looks. At the age of 15 you would have the operation. Everyone had to have it. If you protested the police would give you the operation then put you in jail.



          There were two girls named Sterling and Naomi who were best friends. They just turned 15 and it was time for their operation. Sterling wanted the operation but Naomi didn’t. Naomi fought with everyone about getting the operation even her best friend Sterling.



          So Sterling got the operation and came out looking beautiful. Naomi didn’t like the way that Sterling looked, because she thought she looked like everyone else. Not that she thought she looked ugly but she liked how Sterling looked before she got the operation better. When Naomi told Sterling that she didn’t like the way she looked Sterling got very mad at Naomi and told her that she was acting ridiculous. When Sterling was leaving Naomi, Sterling went and told Naomi’s mom that she wouldn’t change her mind about the operation. When Naomi’s mom heard this she thought that Naomi might be sick. So she took her to the doctors. They said nothing was wrong with her. So then the doctor took Naomi into the deepest darkest room in the hospital and made her work and clean everything could find until she changed her mind.




          It had been a week and Naomi still refused to have the operation. So then the doctor only let her eat once a day. Naomi grew very skinny but still refused to have the operation. So the doctor brought in the hospital security and they tied her up and strapped her down to the operation table and forced her to have the operation.

After the operation Naomi LOVED the way she looked. Then her and Sterling became friends again.


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AKabodian said

at 4:32 pm on Dec 7, 2008

Your paragraph breaks make sense, as does your title. Fine story, Samantha!

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