The fantastical adventure into Darula

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The fantastical adventure into Darula

"Houston we have landed." The transmission call was sent from Darula to Earth.

 "We hear you loud and clear over and out."

Captain jack started into the unknown. He saw the yellowish reddish sand dunes. It was very strange sand. He suddenly looked to his left and the abandoned planed center. He and his crew of twelve men and woman had come to find out what had happened to the 13 men and woman who built this base.

 "Sir we are ready to depart the station."

 "I will just take a second." said captain jack.

He took out a pack of cigarettes. He lit one and started smoking it. He made a transmission call "sir I will call you when we reach the station."

Jack turned of the transmission call and opened the door to a new world.


                                                          Day 1


"Houston we are sending rock and soil samples to you." said Ahmed through the transmission. With that he took of his headset and opened the steal door. They had found nothing no bodies no blood no tracks just nothing. Except one thing the door was open to the station. Ahmed walked through the hallway. His mind was still getting used to the fact that he was 1,000,000 miles away from his home planet. 


Soon he reached a door that said cafeteria. He pulled the handle down and pushed. And then walked through the space he had created. Inside the room he saw the other 12 member or his colleagues. There names were and jobs where Jack his captain, Mikey the grease monkey, Natalie the electrician, Jacob the sampler, Rick the muscle guy, Rose the person who speaks a lot of languages, Robert the inspector, Jean the cook, Greg the janitor, Billy the dispose person, and herb the driver.

 "So Ahmed did the transmission go through with no flaws?" said the captain.

 "Yes it did sir." answered Ahmed. And Ahmed walked over to the counter and picked up a glass bottle of orange juice and some breakfast cereal. Suddenly Mikey yelled "hey look it is the guy with the funny name." All of a sudden Ahmed hurled the glass bottle at Mikey but Mikey was too quick. And he dodged it.

 "Ahmed you need calm yourself down."


When Ahmed was trying to calm himself down Mikey walked up to Ahmed and punched him right in the cheek. Ahmed went flying to the floor. His head vibrated with pain as it hit the metal floor. Blood started squirting out of his cheek.


Mikey opened the door and slammed it behind him.


Day 2                 

Mikey was walking to eat lunch in the cafeteria when he heard a tapping noise from somewhere. He traced it to Natalie's room and then he heard a scream from it. He swung it open and he screamed. There was a thing eating Natalie's head. It looked at Mikey and that was the last anyone saw of him. 

                                                         Day 3     

"What the crap ate Mikey and Natalie." said Jack. Ahmed and his bandaged face stared at the person who gave him that bandage.

                                                   That night   

Jean and Greg were cleaning up the kitchen when. "so who do you think killed Mikey and Natalie." Suddenly there was a sound from the kitchen. Greg went to go check it out. Greg looked into the black room. He saw nothing when suddenly there was something was scraping the roof of the room. He looked up then something jumped from the room and dug its claws into Greg.  Greg fell to the floor Jean looked inside the room.

                                                      Day 5       

The whole station was under lock down. Everyone was armed with a machine gun and a wakike talkie. "Jacob where are you." Said rose. She called again but there was no answer. She gripped her walkie-talkie hard. "Sir I can't find Jacob." Said rose. "We will send back up right away." Rose kept walking when she found Jacobs lifeless body hanging on the floor. She looked up and found a sickish thing it shrieked and she followed up with a scream. 

                                                 Out side the station

Herb and Billy were banging on the door wondering why it was locked. Suddenly a swirling mass of sand was heading toward. Herb took a piece of technology out that told them everything about Darula. He typed in a question, “The plasma sandstorm is a storm that revolves around acid and any living organism that gets trapped in one will be exterminated. Billy and Herb and started banging on the door longer but it was no use and they were quickly exterminated.

“Where the heck is the captain.” yelled Robert.  “I do not know.” said Ahmed. They walked past his quarters when they found a trail of blood. They followed and it led to a corner and it disappeared. Robert screamed. The figure jumped down and dug its claws through Robert. Ahmed started praying but no one could help him now not even god could his screams shot through the night.

 Rick and Dave heard dying screams from across the hallway they cocked their machine guns. Suddenly a sickish living organism appeared it had black rotten skin and green dots covering it. The things body was buff. Its tail was black with giant spikes. Rick and Dave pulled the trigger and released flying metal balls.  HIcccccccccccccc! It shrieked as The metal balls shot through its body and released green blood everywhere.  Rick and Dave hid behind the walls. They decided that they will shout the thing in the heart. It appeared on the corner. Rick drew his gun pulled the trigger but nothing came out he screamed as his life was taken away in seconds. Dave started limping back but the alien caught the up to him and I better leave the death unmentioned.

Captain Jack was running when he found a open door. He looked inside and found a fuel source. He had to go and warn earth about the planet. He took it and installed it to the rocket.  3,2 ,1 BLAST OFF.

Jack was in space now he looked at the stars that shined on in the Darulan night.


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