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The Host

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By: Elizabeth




The Host is a 608 page book by Stepheine Meyer, the author of the #1 New York Times best seller, Twilight.  Twilight has recently been made into a major motion picture, and the series also contain New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

 Our world has been taken over by an unseen parasite that takes over the human mind.  The book, The Host, is about a soul (or parasite) named Wanderer who is put into a host named Melenie. Wanda (the nick-name for Wanderer used later in the book) was put in Mel (Melenie’s nick-name) to find out where the remaining human population is hiding.  Mel refuses to fade away and talks to Wanda in her head and can no longer control the physical actions of her body.  Instead of telling Wanda about where the remaining humans are, Mel fills Wanda’s mind with images of the man she loves, Jared.  Wanda soon falls for Jared, a man that she has never met.  Together, Wanda and Mel set out on a long journey to find the man they both love.

They travel through the desert, almost dying of dehydration after they run out of water.  Fortunately, luck is on their side.  Just when Mel and Wanda think that all is almost over, they meet a human party, and that human party is the one they have worked so hard to find.

After that, Wanda is brought to the caves and lives in a dark hole that acts as her prison for a long time, because you can’t count day, weeks, months, ect. when you are living underground. 

One day, Jeb (Mel’s Uncle) comes to tell her that she should have a place of her own in the caves because the hole was usually used to store food that the raiders brought back from their raids.  And because there was a raiding party out, Wanda should move to a different place.  She ends up in Jared and Jamie’s (Mel’s younger brother) room, but Wanda and Mel didn’t know that until Jamie told her.  Wanda becomes a sisterly figure to Jamie, and he becomes a brotherly figure to her.

Jeb finds out from Wanda that back in the world of souls, she was a teacher.  He wondered if she would like to have classes and teach the humans about other planets on which she has been to or lived.  She then holds casual sessions after dinner to share her stories with her new human friends.

Everything is going smoothly until the raiders get back.  It takes the raiders a while to get used to having Wanda roam the tunnels.  Eventually, everything is relatively back to normal, although there are some who still don’t approve of Wanda staying with them in the caves.

Life goes on with a few twists and turns along the way. One turn is the biggest of them all.  Ian spends a lot of time with Wanda.  He starts to like Wanda, and then falls in love with her.  Jared still loves Melenie and Melenie still loves Jared. But Wanda loves both Jared and Ian.  How will they resolve this problem of who gets who?  Find out in The Host.




Likes and Dislikes

            Overall, I really enjoyed the book The Host.  It had everything I think a good book should have: action, suspense, strong characters, strong friendships and a little bit of romance. It’s a fascinating story.  Although it was an awesome book, there were a few parts that I didn’t like.  For example, Wanda’s new body isn’t strong like Melenie was.  I wish they had picked a host strong like Mel was. Also, I felt at times that Wanda would just say what she was thinking and not hold back because she thought she was going to be hurt or killed if she said something she wasn’t supposed to say.  My least favorite character was the Seeker for Wanda. She seemed to nag and pester Wanda, and this felt like an annoyance to Wanda.



            I would recommend The Host to anyone who likes to read a wonderful and fascinating page turner. This book has action, love, friendship, suspense and much, much, more. At some points in the book, especially at the end, I would stay up at night with a book-light and read under the covers so that my parents wouldn’t know that I was up.  It was just so suspenseful at some points, I just couldn’t put it down!  I would recommend this fascinating book to people who loved the Twilight series, people who like J.K. Rowling’s style of writing, and people who love to read a wonderful book.  And if you do read the book…Enjoy it!!!


The Race

Everything in the hidden, undercover caves in which Wanda, Melenie and others live is going very well.  However, worry captivates the tunnels when a raiding party comes back with some very bad news.  While Wanda is ‘shopping’ (a.k.a. stealing) for food in a store, she overhears two Healers discussing a new law enforced by the Seekers.  This law states that souls now have a life-span and Wanda’s is quickly dwindling down to its last moments.  She returns to her fellow raiders and reports the bad news.  They return home with Wanda in tears.  Once home they share the bad news with their underground community.  Wanda tries to convince everyone that it will be okay, and they should try to except it and move on and live like they never knew about the law.  While she sulks and tries to move on, Melenie, Jamie, Jared, Jeb, Ian and others try to find a way out of this retched new law.  They don’t have much time, but they just can’t give-up.

Will Wanda’s loved ones fine a way to win the race that has her life on the line? Find out in Stephenie Meyer’s new novel The Race.  Note: This book is not in bookstores everywhere.


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