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the watsons go to birmingham 1963

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The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 essay




We read the Watson’s go to Birmingham 1963 in class. It is about a black family living in Flint Michigan, who travels down to Birmingham, Alabama. During their stay a lot changes. The characters change the way they behave and the way they feel about certain things.


During their Alabama trip, the main character, Kenny, witnesses a church bombing. This changes him a lot. For example, when he gets home, he spends all day every day in the space behind the couch. He does this because he believes that magic genies live there and will come down and make him feel better. He learns later in the book that they do not exist. Byron changes a lot too. Like when he is in Birmingham, he is told by grandma Sands that he is not to go swimming in a certain creek, but Kenny wants do go anyway. He persuades Joey to do the right thing, and when Kenny almost drowns, he jumps in and saves him.  Also, when Kenny is crying on the bathroom floor, Byron stays and comforts him. This is very different than his normal self back in Flint.


So just to recap, the trip to Birmingham changes many of the characters. It changes Kenny by feeling pitiful and weak in some ways, and it changes Byron in that he is kinder and more of a role model to his siblings.


by madison stone

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