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Things not seen book review - brittany

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                                       My book review!

                                      Book title: Things not seen

                                      Book by: Andrew Clements

                                      Book review by: Brittany P



                                                                                      1/7/09- 4th hour

                                                                                        English- Kabodian

                                                                                       7th grade




The book that I picked to write about for my book review was called “Things not seen” By: Andrew Clements. This book caught my eye and my attention when I heard from the East Lansing library librarian that this book was a very good book and she also said that it barely makes it a day after it is turned back because it is so good. It also got my attention when I started to read the first page because it is a cliffhanger at the beginning.


The setting of my story took place on a Tuesday morning in February. The most important part of the book was when the main character, named Bobby Phillips, wakes one morning; he is getting ready for school when he heads toward the bathroom and turns on the bathroom light and he discovers that he is invisible.


The conflict occurred when Bobby had went to his room to put some clothes on and walked down stairs to get some cereal to eat before he went to school and hoped that what he had seen up stairs in the bathroom mirror was just a figure of his imagination. Suddenly Bobby changes his mind when his mom and dad told him that they weren’t in the mood to play another one of his stupid, dumb games. They wanted him to take of his hat while he was eating at the breakfast table. As soon as Bobby took of his hat he saw his parents mouths drop wide open, it was then that he realized that what he had saw in the bathroom mirror was real; he was really invisible and that when he took off his hat his parents couldn’t see him either.


They finally believe Bobby because they couldn’t see him and had told Bobby that he wasn’t allowed to tell anybody else because then the news people would get in the way and mess everything up. Bobby’s dad had told Bobby that he wouldn’t be able to have a life, go to school, have contact with any of his friends and would have to be very careful with the choices that he made.



Bobby’s dad receives a phone call from Bobby’s mom; she was getting off work in 15 minutes and needs a ride home. Bobby’s dad left to go pick her up from work. Bobby started getting worried after being home for 5 hours alone. He receives a phone call that his parents had been involved in a car accident, but that they were going to be all right but that they would have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks.


One good thing that happened to Bobby was when he meets a blind girl, named Alicia, at the library. Because Alicia is blind it doesn’t matter whether he is invisible or not because she wouldn’t be able to see him anyway so Bobby felt that he couldn’t resist talking to her, getting to know her, and caring for her. The question in this part of the book is; could Alicia be the one to redeem his true identity?


The interesting things about Alicia are she loves to talk to people and that she is very friendly. She loves to take Bobby places that he has never seen in his whole life and making sure she could help him find out how to get his body visible and get his identity back.


The thing that made Alicia worry was when she asked Bobby if he was wearing any clothes and he didn’t know what to tell her so he just told her no and then that made her jump and start to walk away from him because she was grossed out that she was walking with a naked person.


The last two things I can tell you without giving away the ending is that when Bobby went to the library with Alicia he printed up a list of people that have the same electric blanket that he has because Bobby’s dad thought that was what caused Bobby’s disappearance. Bobby had made over 50 phone calls before he called the 51st that he had realized that there was a number from a teenager just like him. Bobby called that number and found out that she had turned invisible because of that blanket 2 years ago and had to run away from school because she thought that her parents would think she was crazy and that she had to run away because she wouldn’t know how they would handle it. She told Bobby that her parents were very lost because they couldn’t figure out what had happened to her. You will have to read the rest to find out what happens to Bobby and if Alicia helps him redeem his identity.


Book review:

I liked this book because Andrew Clements had put a lot of details in all the events that happened in the book and how each event was important. I disliked the book because some of the stuff that happened that was expressed was not told at the end of the book and they leave you with a cliffhanger and personally I hate cliffhangers.



I would recommend this book to all people who like sci – fiction and realistic fiction stories. I also recommend to my English teacher Mr.Kabodian to read this to his class as a read aloud because this story is based on a true story and that this story inspired me because an amazing author wrote it and because the characters help each other in so many ways.








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