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Tyler S

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6th Hour




     As I walked down to my Grandpa and Grandma's house, I remember all of the fun things my Grandpa has taught me, like how to play golf. He taught me how to play after I had gotten my first club and I had asked him if he would teach me how to play. He said, "Yes", so we set up a tee, got out a flag, and my Grandpa showed me how to hit it. I then practiced hitting it to the flag, with him giving me occasional pointers. Soon, after I had improved a bit, we went to a putt-putt course, and we played there at least twice a month, until it closed for winter. In the next few years after I had learned how to play, we did all eighteen holes, and soon after, my Grandpa taught me how to use a driver to hit the golf balls.


    Another fond memory I have with him is making model planes. We went to the arts and crafts store, and saw a really cool model plane. He bought for me and then we went to his house and began working on taking all of the pieces out and sanding the rough parts. It was summer vacation, so we had a lot of time to work on it. I came to his house at least twice a week to work on it. We made a lot of mistakes, so we had to have my dad help us fix it, and then we were back on track. It was a B52-Bomber. Finally, after about two months, it was finished. This is the part I remember the best. We were putting the stickers in warm water to make the sticky, and once they were, we spent a LONG time just trying to get them off of out fingers.


    Another reason I admire him is that he has an endless pool of patience. With three grandchildren to deal with, with one of them being a two year old, he is always happy, and telling good jokes. Even my two year old brother likes his jokes! A short, but one of my favorite memories is playing catch with a baseball and gloves. I really like this memory because it was really the first time I had played a sport with him. I also love going to his house because everytime I go to his house and stay there in time for lunch or dinner, we have Dominoe's vegitarian pizza, which is one of my favorite kinds of pizza. It is also my Grandpa and Grandma's favorite pizza.


    And so, these are reasons why I admire my Grandpa so much!




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Look at my research paper! Go here: Jellyfish (2010TS)




By: Tyler


                        About 1,000 years ago, the Greek god Zeus looked down from Olympus and saw that man was dieing of heat from the sun. So Zeus called upon Apollo, the sun god, to lower the temperature of the sun. Apollo replied, “I can’t, some outside force is controlling it.” So Zeus decided to make a god to block some of the sun’s heat. He first flew to the North Pole and gathered up snow and ice. He then went to Hephaestus’s forge, and turned the snow and ice into steam. He cut his arm with a small dagger and some of the god’s immortal silver blood flowed out, called Ichor. Mixed with the steam from the melted snow and ice, it made a cloud. “I shall call you Portho, the god of clouds!” Zeus said. He sent Portho to go and stop the heat from the sun so man would not die.


1,000 years later… Ike was just a normal kid, going to school. It was a cloudy day, and Ike didn’t like the look of these clouds. So he sped up and tried to hurry to get to school. He got into his class just as the bell rang and sat down just as the teacher called his name for attendance. “Ike Jove” “Here”, Ike called out. Jove. It seemed like such a weird name. All the other kids had normal last names, like Smith, or Bob. His parents didn’t even have the same last name as him. He was adopted as a baby, and the only thing the adoption agency could find out about him was his first and last name. Ike sighed. At the end of the school day, he was walking home when the school bully, Fred, came over. “Hi, punk.” He pushed him down and he skinned his knee. “You have any money for me?” “N-no” “You better get that money for me by tomorrow OR ELSE.” Fred said as he walked away. Ike sat up and looked at his knee to see how bad it was bleeding. He stared at it in shock. His blood was silver! Ike shakily stood up and headed home, still pondering why his blood had turned silver. He lay awake late into the night, and when he finally fell asleep he had a strange dream. It was very hazy, like a TV getting interference. Some guy holding a giant lighting bolt in his hand wearing a toga was talking to him. “My son, I summon you! Come to me!” Ike woke up with a start and looked at the clock. It said 3:00. Ike went over to the window. It started to rain. Harder and harder, until it sounded like his house was going to fall down. There was a blinding flash, and the man in the toga appeared. “Quickly! Come with me! Danger approaches!” Ike stumbled blindly towards the man and the man caught him. He then passed out.


When he woke up, he was tucked warmly into a bed. He got up, and the man that was wearing the toga came in (except he wasn’t wearing a toga anymore, he was wearing a sweater and jeans). “How are you feeling?” The man asked. “Ok, I guess. Who are you?” “I am Zeus,” Zeus said. Ike stared at him, his mouth agape. “But you-god-dead-wha?” Zeus sighed. “I am immortal, which means I live forever.” “But where am I?” Ike asked, thinking it was a dream. “You are on Olympus, my son.” “I’m your son?” Ike asked in confusion. Zeus sighed again. “Yes. I had the god of time put you in a deep sleep when you were a baby, and he took you to the time you grew up in. You were actually born around 900 years ago.” “But why did you have the god of time take me to the future when I could have grown up there?” Ike asked. Zeus replied, “You were in danger. The god of clouds, Portho, grew jealous of the other gods, for they could walk around, while he was stuck up in the sky. He blamed it on me, and when you were born, he tried to kill you. I then knew it wasn’t safe for you to grow up during that time, so I had you brought to the time you grew up in. But yesterday, he found you. Remember how bad the clouds looked yesterday? That was him. He then tried to kill you at night, when it started to rain hard. I have brought you back to this time so that you could go on a quest.” “But I could die!” Ike yelled. “No you couldn’t, you are my son, and that means that you are immortal. If you want proof, just look at your blood. It is silver, or Ichor, the blood of the gods! If you want even more, your last name, Jove. It is the Roman version of my name, Zeus!” Zeus said. “Okay, what’s the quest?” Ike asked, now a little scared, knowing this wasn’t a dream. “You must go and defeat Portho, before he destroys all humanity!” “But why can’t you? You’re the one with the giant lightning bolt!” Zeus sighed again. “Greek gods cannot attack each other in any way. But you can because the rule only applies to gods over the age of 100, and you are 12.” “Okay, I’ll do it.” Ike said, trying to look brave. “Do I get a weapon?” “Yes,” Zeus said. He then broke off the tip of his lightning bolt, and put a handle on it so it was a sword. “Here you go. This sword could probably destroy Olympus, if you hit it in the right spot. It’s name is Lightglade.” “Okay,” Ike said taking the sword. “So how do I get to him?” “I’ll throw you.” Zeus said. “What?!” Ike yelled as Zeus picked him up and threw him. “Remember, you are my son, and I am the god of the sky!” Zeus called after him. Ike had no idea what he meant; until he started to fly so fast he probably looked like lightning bolt. He then saw a giant gray cloud with one eye, like a Cyclopes. “YOU!” The cloud screamed at him. Ike looked at him. He was probably Portho. “YOU SHALL DIE, SON OF ZEUS!!” Ike brought out his sword as he started to fall toward the cloud, as if it was sucking him in. He couldn’t fly away. The cloud’s suction was too strong. Ike brought his sword in front of him, and dived in. He then brought his sword down inside of the cloud, and then blacked out as one hundred thousand lightning bolts hit the same spot in the sky. It probably looked like a miniature sun from Earth.


When he woke, up Zeus was looking at him, smiling. “You did it,” He said, looking at Ike proudly. Ike sat up and looked out the window. “Wait, then why are there still clouds?” He asked. “You may have killed Portho, but his spirit still lives on, keeping the clouds doing their job.” Zeus explained. “You have done such a good job, Ike, that I am going to reward you. Would you like to be my right hand man for eternity?” Ike looked up at his father. “Yes.”


The Tapestry: The Second Siege Book Review

By: Tyler Seal


The Tapestry: The Second Siege is a very good book. It starts off with Max, the main character training on the Course; a computer generated training course. He is very good at doing the course, so he expects whom ever is training with him to be fairly easy to beat. Max also has a special talent for amplifying his abilities, so he can run fast, jump high, and attack with deadly precision. He is hiding in a tree when he sees his challenger coming towards him. He soon sees that it is Cooper, an amplifier even better than he is. They both fight, and they tie. All of a sudden, the course ends and someone tells them that Ms. Richter, the headmaster of Rowan, (The magical school that Max goes to) needs them. When they both arrive the headmaster introduces them to a witch, who claims that she owns Max, and his best friend, David, based on a promise an ancient magician made. Ms. Richter refuses to let them take her students. So the witch leaves saying that a curse will be laid upon Rowan. A few nights later, Max, David and Max’s dad sneak out with Cooper and a teacher at Rowan. They are running away so the witches can’t put a curse on Rowan. They are going to head to South America in order to get the key to the book of Throth, a magical book that controls life. They have to get there before Asaroth, an evil demon gets it. Once they reach South America Cooper takes them to his friend’s house to rest for a while. While he is there Max learns that Cooper and his friend are members of the Red Branch, a secret military service that works for Rowan. He also learns that being a member makes you have eternal life. Cooper’s friend asks Max if he wants to replace him, because he is already 300 years old. Max agrees, and a small mark appears on his wrist, symbolizing that he is a member of the red branch. They soon leave his house and head to the place where the key to the book of life is. When they arrive there is a vault holding the key. David, a powerful sorcerer, gets to work on trying to open the vault. They are there for a while, but finally David opens the vault. As they are preparing to leave with the key Asaroth and his army appear. He threatens to kill them, but then agrees to let them go if Davis lets him bite his hand off. David does, and then they leave in shock. When they return to Rowan David summons a demon to tell him how to use the key. The demon tells them that there is a ship docked at Rowan, and if they put the key in it will fly them to the book of Throth. Once it flies them there they go to a castle and a warrior teaches them how to fight better. Then they go and get the book of Throth. Once they get it, Asaroth appears and tries to take it. They manage to escape and get back to Rowan. Everyone is happy to for them, until they see Asaroth’s army sailing towards them. Find out what happens next in this thrilling book!


If I could change places with any character from this book, it would have to be Max. He makes friends very easily and usually doesn’t have enemies. I make friends easily and I have no enemies. He also looks like me. He has brown hair. He also likes to draw. He also has a main best friend, (David) like me. That’s why I think I would switch places with him.


If you like the Harry Potter series, or any book with magic and adventure, you’ll love the first and second book of this series!







By: Tyler


            It is the year 3000. The world is very unfair. Robots control most jobs. Humans are only allowed to work at labs, and a few work in the police force.


            Experiment Alpha 9-02 exploded, shattering a hole in the titanium shielding of the laboratory. Scientists and machinery were flying everywhere. A shaking voice shouted over the intercom, “All staff! EVACUATE! I repeat EV-” The command room had just blown up, causing the whole facility to burst into flames. A lone scientist was running away from the testing area, clutching his research pod. He barely made it out before the laboratory burst into a giant fireball.


A week later, in a secret room, a FBI Robot was debriefing the scientist. “Please explain everything that happened,” the robot said. “Okay, I’ll try. We were trying to create life, but it all went wrong. We had just finished, then the whole thing exploded.” The scientist said, blue in the face because he hadn’t taken a breath since he started talking. “Could the life you created survived?” The robot asked. “Uh…Hmm…” The scientist looked through his notes. Suddenly, his face blanched. “Y-yes”


In a forest not far from the lab, a small purple blob opened its eyes. The only thing it saw if it closed its eyes was an explosion, so it decided to keep them open.


            Back at the secret room, the robot said, “Please tell me everything you know about this life form.” “Okay… Well it only has a small brain because it’s a baby, its purple…uh…” The scientist looked through his notes again. “It’s indestructible, and…Hm…It may have other traits and abilities too, because of the explosion, but you can never be sure…”


The blob was hungry. It didn’t know what that meant, but it had a strong urge to go over to an animal with feathery wings. So he went over and ate it. It made the hungry feeling go away. The blob heard a loud screech. Looking up, it saw a bigger version of the creature it just ate. It swooped down and grabbed him. The blob was scared. So, it did what all babies do when they’re scared. It cried. The blobs cry was an unearthly sound, making everything within a mile deaf. It also broke all of the windows in a ten-mile radius. The creature holding him dropped him and he landed on the ground with a large splat. It decided to go explore.


Robot police were out looking for the blob. Their mission was to kill the blob. Quill, the only human on the team, was sent to go look for it at a cliff.             “This is so boring,” He thought. When he reached the cliff, he set his gun to “capture”. All of a sudden part of the mountain gave way, and he fell. “Ahh!” He screamed as he fell and landed in something soft. Quill jumped to his feet and saw a purple blob. He fumbled with his gun, and dropped it into the blob. It sucked it in! He gaped at it, and almost fainted when it climbed up onto his head and started snoring. Quill slowly moved over to a rock to sit down. “How can something so innocent need to be killed?” He thought. Then, the blob repeated exactly what he had thought! “Whoa!” Quill jumped to his feet and the blob came off his head. He tried saying other things, but it only appeared to work if the blob was touching his head. All of a sudden, he heard a gunshot, and he was paralyzed. The blob was too. The last thing he saw before he fainted was the blob’s sad eyes.


            When he woke up, he was in a cell with the blob. Quill banged on the wall. “This isn’t fair!” He thought. “I have to save the blob!” He still had his police weapons, so he used a large, curved knife to dig into the ground under the walls. When the whole was large enough for him and the blob to fit through, he put the blob on his head and climbed through. There were police space ships, and one was still running. Quill sprinted toward it, got in and took off. They were going to leave this unfair planet and go to a new one, he decided as they left the atmosphere.



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More Soup Kitchens

By: Tyler 


          Imagine being hungry. So hungry you can’t move. This is what a lot of people feel like in big cities, trying to get money to buy food. There are places where they can get food, though. They are called “Soup Kitchens”. But there aren’t very many of them because they are non-profit organizations. There should be more Soup Kitchens. If people can’t find jobs, there would always be room at a soup kitchen to help out. If you don’t have any food you can eat at one. Also, food gives energy, so people with no jobs or money, after eating at a soup kitchen, they can now go to find a job to help the economy.

          So, if people can’t find jobs, or just got fired, they could go work at a Soup Kitchen, while trying to find a new job. They could feel great because they are helping the needy. It could also just be a thing that you could do on a Saturday, or as a part time job. You could also go there as a high school student, or college student, or to just do a good deed, which leads into the next topic.

          If people don’t have any food they can eat at a Soup Kitchen! Also Soup Kitchens are a bit safer than just handing them money, because if you give them money, they might just go buy cigarettes, or something else that would decrease their health. So if you see a needy person asking for money, you can direct them to the nearest Soup Kitchen instead of just handing them money. But, usually you can’t because there isn’t one, which is another great reason why there should be more of them.

          Lastly, food gives energy, so after eating at a soup kitchen, with new energy, they could go find a job, or go to school. This would really benefit a lot of people, because if they get a job it would help the economy, which would help the over all state of the country. Also if they went to school, they just might invent the next new big thing, like a new brand of computers, or a new Ipod. Also they could buy a house with the money they earn, which would mean they wouldn’t be out on the street.

          And so, that is why I think that there should be more available Soup Kitchens. It gives people things to do, feeds the needy, and give people energy, more jobs, and food. So lets build some more Soup Kitchens! 














Where I want to go


I want to go to Hawaii because I’ve never been there, and it seems like it would be fun to play at the beaches and see all of the tropical plants. I also want to see one of its islands get created by another volcano. I also want to learn how to surf so that would be a great place for it. It would be fun to see shipwreck bay, where a ship is still shipwrecked! It also hot all year round there, so I wouldn’t ever have to worry about having to shovel snow again! There are tons of active volcanoes so I might be able to see one erupt!














A National Park I Want To Visit



A National Park I want to visit is the Badlands National Park because I want to see all of the mountains, landscape and animals. It would also be fun to scale the mountains if you could. I would like to visit it because, I would never get tired of exploring it! You could also go camping, which I love to do. The thing I would love to do the most is look for fossils, which you can also do there. Those are some reasons why I want to go to the badlands.




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