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Vanishlike Addiction

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            My name is Hanna, and I am going to be known as the person who permanently shuts down vanishlike. Vanishlike is an ultimate fantasy. The people lay in tubes, while their minds go to a relm where anything they want can happen. It is kind of like 3-D television like they had a long time ago, only they control the action with their minds. It was meant just to be kind of a fun video game, but now people are using vanishlike instead of real life. Part of the fantasy makes you forget it’s not a fantasy so you lose yourself in the experience. There are wrist bracelets that have buttons on them so you can end the experience. No one wants to anymore. They want to live in perfect worlds. And who can blame them? In real life they have to deal with things like death of their loved ones. They just stay in fantasies so they don’t get attached to anyone, so they are never sad.

            Our town is abandoned. Everyone is in the vanishlike center. We are running low on food because no one wants to grow it. They don’t need to because machines can feed them; go to the bathroom in machines. Everyone is dieing, one by one because no one wants to have babies because they are so much work.

            I can’t stand to let our city Shackle die. If the rest of the world is going to die like this than the largest city in the world, Shackle, should survive.

            Here we go I thought. I waited until the guards passed and entered the operator core. I unlocked the giant computer and entered the shut down code.

            One by one all of the people came out of their fantasies. Everyone rushed on and yelled at me.

            “You idiot! Why would you shut down vanishlike? I was in the middle of eating a pumpkin pie!”

             Some people, I thought. I pushed a button that was two times as loud as old fashion sirens so it echoed through the control core. Everyone got quiet. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were not happy people.

            “Everyone please listen,” I began, “As you know vanishlike has been permanently shut down. Here’s why: Vanishlike was made to be a fun video game, nothing more. It was not made to be a replacement of life. But that’s what you are doing with it. Our city is dieing. Go look at it if you don’t believe me.  Food is growing scarce. We need to restart our life.”

 At first they argued. They said they still had food and it wasn’t their problem that they where running out of food.

Eventually, they reluctantly agreed. The next few days, people realized they needed to rebuild and repair their city. Maybe some day they could rebuild vanishlike and learn how to use it without becoming addicted, but not now.

            Bit by bit they rebuild our city. It was cool to watch our city coming back to life.

            It took months to repair their city. When they finally started growing food again, fully repaired the city, and started having children again, there was a debate about whether they should re-open vanishlike.

            Some said their city would just die all over again.

            Some argued and said we learned our lesson.

            After much debating the government reopened vanishlike. But this time each person could only be in vanishlike for one hour. People where thankful it reopened.

            People now refer to me as the hero who saved Shackle city. I hope other citys will take the same step of limiting vanishlike. It looks like there is a bright future.

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