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Varun R

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  1. Exploration began in 1743.

  2. The black hills were formed 600 millions years.

  3. The first Sturgis was held in the black hills. Sturgis is a motorcycle race.

  4. Black hills is home to over 300 wild mustangs.

  5. It towers over the black hills, its 7,242, its henrys peak. 






1. Aerosmith was inducted to the hall of fame in 2001.

2. The rockin roll hall of fame is in Cleveland Ohio.

3. Michel Jackson was indicated to the rockin roll hall of fame.

4. AC/DC was inducted into the hall of fame in 2001.

5. The rolling stones were in inducted in 1989.




for a fantastical adventure cilck there The fantastical adventure into Darula

Mr. kabodian best english teacher EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    



 awesome album


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The Titans Curse Review






13a. Well making the wiki me was what I really did well. I definitely showed everyone that I am into Rock/Metal music. What I didn’t do so well is that I definitely could have wrote a lot more from story on me, to important events internationally and could have put a lot more stuff on the wiki. But all and all I think I got a B+.


13b. I liked using the wiki because I could put a lot stuff  on their. I could put me on this page. Where on youtube you can only put videos. Where as wiki you can put Youtube videos writings and links. I liked the wiki for the variety of things you can do. What I disliked on the wiki is that some times it took for ever to put stuff on and to access your own page. 


14. Watson Essay 


Have you ever wondered how people change. Well I can answer that question, especially in the The Watsons Go To Birmingham. The Watsons Go To Birmingham tells the story of the Weird Watsons and their wacky adventures( told through Kenny’s point of view.)

And when they go to Birmingham. The Weird Wastons are made up of Byron, Kenny, Joetta, Daddy. For this essay we will be talking about Byron changing from ad juveniles Delinquent to responsible big brother.


At the beginning of the book, Byron is the bad boy or Daddy Cool. He is very self- centered. And he is so narcissist he tried to kiss him-self on a mirror on a cold day getting his lips stuck to the window. The next step is when Byron gets a little more responsible. When grandma Sands tells them to not go to Colliers Landing that it’s a “Whirl Pooh”. And of course not to go there. But you would think that Byron would go there but actually he played big brother and tells a story to keep Joetta and Kenny away from there. Now we see a little change in Byron but now here comes the big change. Now we are back in flint, Michigan and Kenny has been spending a lot of time behind the couch believing there is “magic” there to cure him of his depression. But Byron talks some sense into Kenny and he did it with emotion. He pretty much told him that fate is not written on stone, you make it what you want it to be. 


So that’s how Byron changed through to book. Byron changed through three steps. First he was bad and self centered, then he is a little responsible then he played big brother a ton. Or he was responsible a lot. This is important to all of us because it teaches us and reminds that people do change.







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No way they both are awesome you just don't know it besides it more of a chick song

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AKabodian said

at 6:45 pm on Jan 14, 2009

You may want to know that Edgar Allan Poe would have been 200 years old on Monday. Check out this website about it: http://edgarallanpoe200.com/
I found it on the EL Public Library homepage. Enjoy.

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