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Victoria M

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Time Machine 

Dead Earth




Sal and her grandparents went to a couple of places in book of Walk to Moons, and I went to research a couple of places that Sal vist from. One was Madison (WI).


 A few things I learn about Madison (WI) was:


  • Madison has 223,389
  • Madison is the 2 largest in Wisconsin
  • Madison is 82nd largest in the united states.
  • Madison froms a core around the United States Census Bureau
  • Madison is also a university of Wisconsin


I got this information from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madison%2C_Wisconsin

This is one of the pictures of  Wisconsin Dell.

 I got this picture from,



Wisconsin Dell


This is one of the places I wanted to go. Wisconsin Dell is one of the place that Sal and her grandparents had already visit Wisconisn Dell in the book Walk To Moons.


Wisconsin Dell has got a total population of 2,418 people. The city has took the name from Dells of the Wisconsin River to the state name Wisconsin Dell. If you wanted to take a vaction to Wisconsin Dell, the Dell area is estimated to be boast up to 5 million anual visitors.Wisconsin Dell is great for water parks in the United States. Wisconsin Dell has the largest waterpark which they call it Noah's Ark. The water park has over 70 arces of water slides to choose from.But thats not all Wisconsin Dells is also the nations largest indoor water- park, which is good because if it's hot outside you can go inside.Around the hole area of Wisconsin Dells there are 1,019 households and 609 families around the the city area. You can tell Wisconsin Dell is a small town. The reason I wanted to go here is because I will love to see something new in life. One day I want to go around the world to meet new cultures and see knew people I never meet before!



This is a picture of Madison, Wisconsin lighting by a church.

I got the information from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisconsin_Dells,_Wisconsin

I got the picture from http://www.glen.co.nz/uploads/Madison-WI--Storm--Lightning-And-Church--May-2008--Nikon-D300--001--Scale








 This is my wiki Page!!

 My wiki page is about different games that you can play online and at home with the family. Here are going to be some examples of games that can be at your house and online.


  • One game you can play at home is Yahzee, which some people back then call it Kids Man.
  • Another board game is Twister, which you twist and move to a red, blue, green, and yellow beat.
  •  One board game which you all know is Connect Four which you have red, and black chips for two people, and try to get four in a row to win. But be focus because the person can trick you in this tricky game.
  • There is also one game I think can get you thinking to spell, is Scrabble. Its an all american's favorite game to play as an adult or kid. This game gets you to hit the dictionaries to spell and know knew words to get your attention.
  • My favorite game is Monopoly. This is because, this game comes with two dice and different color money to buy different property and hurry to get someone bankrupt.


Theirs more games you can play online and at home, but these are some games that you can download or play at home and have for a Christmas present if you can ask from your parents.

See ya and Goodbye!!!!



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