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What happened on P3

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What happened on P3

By: E.


            They trudged through the barren lands, headed for home.  The four best friends walked side by side.  Miri and LyLa to the left, and Luna and Alia to the right.

            Now, in the distance, rising out of the mist, stood their city, CranoTopiA or CTA for short.  CTA was the capital of their planet, Planet PurpoPolis, or P3 for short.

            After spotting their beloved city, the girls hooked on to each others arms, and happily skipped towards CTA.

            They entered the city, their pale white skin-almost ghostly in the bright light of the city-shinning like millions of little diamonds.  Their perfect, unflawed faces shown big grins, uncovering their gleaming white teeth.

            Walking slowly now, the girls headed towards the heart of the city.

            “Girls!” called a high wind-chimy voice from behind.  “Where on P3 have you been?”  The girls turned.  A woman came into view.  Her pale arms on her slender hips, blood red lips were pressed together in a tight line, her piercing amber eyes were flying furiously from one girls face to another.  Although her face had anger and frustration written all over it, there was a strange beauty about her.  This woman was Crea, Luna’s mother.

            “Sorry, mother,” said Luna, her shoulders slumped forward, “we were out wandering the hills again.”

            “Well I know that!” Crea snapped. “I just didn’t know you’d be out so late.  Come, lets get you girls home.  Your parents have been worried sick.  We called the P3 Police and told then to search the city.” She paused and finally drew breath (which you did not need to do if you lived on P3).  “You girls cost your parent to much worry and trouble.  Follow me troublemakers.”  She turned on her heels and gracefully glided away.  The girls hurried after her.

            The next day, started like any other day.  There was a constant ‘BUZZ’ from CTA Square as the usual morning crowd swarmed the Square.

            Luna and her friends meet at their usual meeting spot.

            Their meeting spot was a tall tree in the center of CTA Courtyard.  Its long and leafy branches were strong, and a signal branch could support all of their weights combined.  Each girl climbed with ease up the length of the tree. 

            They waited for one other, once they were in the tree.

            Once all four girls were in the tree, it happened…

            P3 shook.  It wasn’t terribly big, but big enough to cause a commotion in CTA. 

            The girls- being mischievous (as always)- decided to investigate the cause of this P3quake.

            Once they were deep in the hills, off in the distance, the girls saw a cloud of smoke rising from the horizon.

            Full of excitement, the girls ran forward with lightning speed and reached the smoke in a blink of an eye.

              “Oh, my!!!” gasped Miri, “Something crashed into our planet!!!”  Then a though flickered across her perfect face.  “Invaders!”  She turned to run off, but Alia caught her by the arm.

            “Wait!” Alia said. “Let’s see what they want…or what they’ve come for…” she trailed off at the end of her sentence and looked down at her feet.

            “I agree.  Let’s see what they want.” Luna announced.  She started walking down the hill that they had been atop. She looked back at her friends, “You comin’?” she turned around again, sighed, and walked off into the mist. 

She heard a crunching noise behind her and saw that Alia and LyLa had followed her.  

Although they were incredibly fast, the smoke seemed to stretch on forever.

Finally, they spotted something in the distance. It appeared to be a big hunk of metal that was a distorted and deformed piece of junk.  The girls knew better than to think it was just metal.  No, this metal-contraption was called a spaceship.  They knew this because their satellites had picked up radio-active sounds from a far away planet that also (like P3) supported life, called “Earth”.  These “spaceships” carried humans.  Humans were an unknown specimen to the P3lings and the CTAins.  The youngsters were taught to never have any sort of contact with these humans.  This information always got the girls wondering about humans.  Although Miri was a mischievous girl like the rest, she always thought that the humans would invade P3, and it looked like they had.

The girls now slowed their pace, now only going at a normal walking pace.

They soon reached the ship and they now faced a large rectangular-shaped cut-out that appeared to be carved from the outer side of the spacecraft.

The shape-which they each decided in their heads, looked like a door- suddenly swung  open and hit the outside of the craft with a loud “BANG”!   A human man sluggishly stumbled out of the ship and swayed as if he were drunk, unable to see or watch where he was going. 

A horrid, blood curtailing scream escaped Alia’s blood red lips as yet another and another human stumbled carelessly out of the rocket.  One human was carrying a small, frail child in her arms.  The girl looked like she had not eaten anything in a year.  If she was bigger, you would assume that she was about Luna, LyLa, Alia and Miri’s age (which was 14), but she was so tiny and looked scared and frightened.

They looked towards the girls and covered their ears, for they could feel a buzzing sound from the noise that was so high that weak human ears could not make out.  The noise had caused the humans to look in the girls direction (they had otherwise been un-noticed). 

Through weak human eyes, the humans saw three lovely, beautiful, pretty people.  Their skin was pale white and glistened, glimmered and sparkled in the pale moonlight.  Their blood red lips looked as if they had put on a bloody red lip-stick, but it was their natural color.  Two of the pretty people had small smiles on their faces and the third had a look of terror, yet her face was just as pretty as the others.  Their piercing yet warm eyes were golden.

“Greetings Earthlings,” said the girl with long wavy brown curls.  She stepped forward.  “This is LyLa,” she gestured to her right where a girl with straight jet black hair that went all the way to her butt, “Alia,” again she made the quick movement to her left this time toward a girl with blonde ringlet-curls, “and I, am Luna.” She nodded her head briefly in greeting.

The humans stood speechless.  Finally the frail human girl broke the silence. 

“What are you?” she spoke, her voice cracking in between words.

“We are called Lalians by your kind, P3lings among our kind and CTAians among those who live in our capital city, CranoTopiA or CTA.  Now it’s my time to ask questions.  Where are you from and why are you here?”

This time it was the first man who had come from the ship that answered.  “We? We are human beings from planet Earth?” he spoke it as a question because he seemed to be dizzy.  “Our ship got off course on our way to…Mars?  Then we crashed here and we ran out of food somewhere near…someplace…” the man trailed off, out of breath and gasping for air.

Before Luna or LyLa could speak a word, Alia spoke “We shall bring you food and water.  Wait here and we will be back shortly.”  Luna and LyLa stood open-mouthed and speechless at what Alia had just said.

“We’ll be back with food and supplies!” Alia said, a big broad grin stretching across now lit-up face.   She turned and started off, with Luna and LyLa closely at her heels.


Months passed and Luna, Alia and LyLa continued to steal and sneak food from CTA to the humans who were now their friends.  After pleading and begging cries, Luna, LyLa and Alia persuaded Miri to come and join them in the hills and meet their friends.  Although they were able to get their beloved friend who acted like a sister to them, they didn’t see their families and instead, lived with their human friends.

            With each passing day, their human friends were starting to look more like the girls than ever.  Pale white skin, blood red lips for the females and a rich pink-red for the males, their teeth a gleaming white, sparkling skin and amber eyes that had not yet turned golden.

            Although the four girls had made a new friend in Leah, they missed their family terribly.  They hoped that one day; they would be able to return to CTA and reunite with their families and introduce their new friends.  Maybe, just maybe.




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Beckett, Elizabeth said

at 11:56 am on Dec 9, 2008

Awesomely coolio story!!!

Selena said

at 9:39 am on Jul 9, 2009

I LOVE YOUR STORY!!! I like to right too. It's fun and interesting. Looks like you have a real gift for it. : )

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