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Wisal G

Page history last edited by Ginnab, Wisal 15 years, 8 months ago

Junelle MJunelle MJunelle MJunelle MWISAL'S  PBWIKI  PAGE.




Welcome to Wisal's pbwiki.You can look around,or have fun.Enjoy!!!

   Here's some info about me: 

 I was born in L.A California,but my parents are from Palistine.My fave animals are cats and dogs,and I own 3 cats,Clover,Lily,and Pepper.I also have two monkeybutt brothers who dont know what 2+2 is.My lifelong dream is to have my own animal rescue team who would bring homeless and injured or abused animals to my animal shelter.Oh yeah, I also love  THE JONAS BROTHERS!! 

 (My fave one is Joe Jonas!)                                                                                                                                                                         



Joe Jonas by Jonas Brothers Official."http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonasbrothers/2149055305/"

Ok,not everybody knows,but I am a great animal lover.I hope you like my pictures of them!
















These are some pictures and facts of Old Faithful,of Yellowstone National Park.


Old Faithful is a cone geyser located in Wyoming, in Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Old Faithful was named in 1870 during the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition and was the first geyser in the park to receive a name.[1][2]. The geyser, as well as the nearby Old Faithful Inn, is part of the Old Faithful Historic District


Image:Old Faithfull-pdPhoto.jpg






Now these are some pictures and facts about the Badlands.


Badlands are a type of arid terrain where softer rocks and clay-rich soils have been extensively eroded by wind and water. Canyons, ravines, gullies, hoodoos and other such geological forms are common in badlands. They are often difficult to navigate by foot. Badlands often have a spectacular colour display that alternates from dark black/blue coal stria to bright clays to red scoria.


Panoramic view of Las Médulas.




The Chinle Badlands at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.



(I'm in the process of convincing my parents to let me visit the Badlands!So far, I haven't been succesful.:(  )



Here are my fave books:




Comments (3)

Mackoul, Alex said

at 7:49 pm on Oct 7, 2008

Nice Page Wisal i bet you worked hard and you got one comment, srry

Moore, Kayla said

at 12:35 pm on Oct 10, 2008

awesome page. i love the pictures and the color.

Cleary, Anna said

at 4:43 pm on Oct 23, 2008

wasal urs is cool see u in science

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