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Reach Activities

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Smell in Space





Re: The Revealers

I found an interesting and fun way to respond to the Anti-Bullying message.  My teacher friend, Kevin, from Massachusetts, created a response to the Occupy Wall Street movement using bitstripsforschools (making comic strips for various purposes); I went to the website and they have an Anti-Bullying Challenge, so I created an account for each of my Reach students.  We are going to create avatars and make comic strips on the theme of Stop Bullying at School.


As a school, we are reading The Revealers.

If you are in the ELPS network (students and staff),

join our online discussion about issues related to the book and bullying (you'll need to log in).

We created avatars and added to the Stop Bullying Comic Challenge on bitstripsforschools.com  Below, is a class picture of our Reach class avatars.  Some fun!






Oct. 26, 2009

Recently, our LSJ has been reporting about how Gateway Community Services is looking for and helping runaway teens. The New York Times is also reporting on this national phenomenon.  Follow this link for a thought-provoking video piece called "When No One's Looking."


Mr. Kabodian (and a few students) read the novel, The Double Life of Zoe Flynn, aloud.  It deals with a form of homelessness.



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Info on the Haiti Earthquake from Wikipedia.


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