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Research Notes

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Using notecards to write your rough draft

How to double space using Word


Plagiarism: How to avoid it video



(Don't always believe what you read on the internet)




The main goal of the research assignment is to give you an opportunity to experience all the steps in the research process.  We will discuss each step along the way.  Here are the basic requirements:


·            25 note cards (keep track of the source of each “note”)

·            the Rough Draft includes an outline (with thesis sentence), the text of the paper, and a rough draft of the works cited page

·        all of the above should be 4 pages typed (double spaced)

·        check for complete sentences, 3-5 categories, logical order, use of facts/support, topic sentences *

·            use of at least four sources (at least one being a book, magazine or other print source)

·            the final draft includes the text of the paper and the works cited put up on the wiki

·        same as rough draft, above *

·        correct spelling


Use this process to narrow your topic:


1)  FIND YOUR FOCUS --- Create a word web of all your ideas related to the topic.  Choose one or two ideas to investigate.


2)  MAKE A RESEARCH PLAN --- Write down questions that you want to answer about your topic.  Use your questions to guide your research.


3)  DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE --- What do you want your paper to accomplish?  Write a THESIS SENTENCE that will capture the essence of your report.


Due Dates:

·            Word Web, Questions, & Thesis Sentence by Wed. Feb. 19 – 10 pts.

·            25 note cards by Monday, Feb. 24 – 10 pts.

·            Rough Draft (see above) by Friday, Feb. 28 – 30 pts.

·            Final Draft on wiki by Friday, March 7 – 20 pts.

Total points possible - 70


Steps to Writing Your Research Paper:


Check them off as you finish each step.


___  1. Complete the Word Web Sheet (including Thesis Sentence).


___  2. Begin researching your narrowed topic

                ___  read the information from

                       your sources very carefully        

___  25 completed note cards 

___  at least 4 source cards (at least one from 

          a book/magazine)

        ___ begin a Word document for all your sources/works


___  3. Organize your note cards into 4-5 groups/categories.


___ 4. Use the groups of cards to make a general outline for your paper.


___5. Write your rough draft.  Be sure to write an introduction (with your thesis sentence at the end), body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Skip lines (double space) in the rough draft so that revisions can be made.


___  6. Proofread your rough draft aloud and revise it.  Look for run-ons and fragments.   Also, look to see if you included topic sentences and a logical order.  Have a class mate read it, using the rubric, and sign your draft.


___  7. Turn in your outline (revised if necessary), your rough draft, and your rough works cited (a list of the sources of your information).


___  8. Revise your rough draft after Mr. Kabodian has returned it to you.  Be sure to correct spelling and punctuation errors.


___  9. Put your final draft and works cited pages on the wiki page with your topic name (not your wiki page; find the correct page on the Front Page). You can make a link to your research paper from your wiki page.



To find the website for your research: 

Go to the following website to find the research for your online research project:  REMC13 --- Scroll down to the blue tab that says "Britannica Online --- School Edition" under the High School section. 

   Use the following log in and password...




Please do not use Google for this research project.  Check out this info sheet if you're curious as to why.


Rubric for the Research Paper Rough Draft


Outline                                     __/3

Opening Sent./Intro./Thesis      ___/3

Topic Sentences                       ___/3

Includes facts/support              ___/7

Works Cited                             ___/3

Length of draft (2+ pages)       ___/3

Complete sentences                 ___/2

3-5 Categories/body paragraphs ___/3

Conclusion                              ___/3


Total    ___/30

Name _______________


Tips for your Research Paper Final Draft

  • Create a New Page for your Final Draft

    • Name it like this.....Title (2010 your initials)...for example Lions (2010AK)

  • Go to the MacDonaldpedia page (search for it)

    • Find the category your Research paper would fit into

    • Make a link to the page you just created

  • You can also make a link from your wiki page to the page you just created

  • Notes:

    • Please put your Works Cited below your Research Paper on the same page

    • Do not print out a Final Copy; turn in your Rough Draft again, but write "Final Draft on Wiki" on the front page

    • Add some links or videos to relevant topics on your Research Paper page 



Help with the Research Process  




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