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Anorexia Nervosa is a serious mental and physical disorder that affects a small amount of people but causes a series of health issues and with eventually cause death from lack of nutrients. Read on to see some more causes and effects, studies and facts.


First, anorexics are usually 15% under normal body weight, they eat

very small-portioned meals away from others so they don’t notice the disorder. This makes it hard to diagnose or try to prevent it from

overcoming the person. Anorexia nervosa is most common in women but does occur in men too, in fact 95% of people with anorexia are women. People who develop anorexia scientists are trying to figure out if it has any thing to do with genetics. Anorexics weight loss is caused by consumption of laxatives and excessive exercising.


  • It is unusual for one with anorexia to seek professional help because they don’t accept they have a problem.


  • Emotional issues are typically at the root of the disorder


  • ‘Anorexia nervosa’ means loss of appetite for nervous reasons.


  • Even when deathly skinny the anorexic will see himself or herself as fat or heavy.


It is better for Anorexics to know these facts so if applied to themselves may seek help.



 Anorexia effects both the anorexic and the family of the anorexic severely and is very painful to watch an individual to go through for something as simple as dieting.Never think not eating is the quick way to a slim body.Try eating less,but also eating healthier for a clean bill of health and an easy way to slim down to size. Not eating can cause a series of heath problems and will not allow you to get the essential nutrients your body needs to grow properly.WARNING:anorexia will cause bone thinning,kidney problems,and or osteoporosis and is extremely dangerous.








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