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Ghosts (2010RP)

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By: Reece


            Are ghost real? Do they exist? Where are they? Well if you keep on reading this essay you will find out everything you need. 


Have you ever seen a ghost or sighted one?  Most people say they claim to see or hear ghosts but about 13% of those people are from hallucination or dehydration.  A messenger ghost is usually said to be seen by the living family members of a recent person that died. It seems these ghosts return to tell their family that they are happy and not to grieve them. Photos of ghosts are very uncommon; however people have said they have taken pictures of ghosts. However if you have an infrared camera you could possibly see a ghost. People cannot hear ghosts. They usually hear them in their sleep or get a sign of them in their sleep. Most people also think that ghosts are harmful or are something bad. Most ghosts don’t harm people. Some ghost can actually help people. Ghosts can help people by sending mental messages or by placement of objects.


            Ghosts have many characteristics. Ghosts usually hang out in a clique or with other ghost. Ghosts can smell things but love the smell of lemons. Ghosts have a sense of humor and love to hear humans laugh. We know this because ghosts investigators have investigated that by placing cameras and objects and sounds in old houses or abandoned buildings.Also ghosts do not sleep.  And when a ghost enters a room the room usually gets cold. Ghosts usually appear as balls of light called orbs that are neon blue or violet. Ghosts are usually out at night due to the decrease in daytime energy use. Ghosts cannot physically kill someone. But they can send messages of mess with the mind to make them depressed and commit suicide. Sometimes when a ghost has been in the same place for a while it gets bored with its surroundings. Most ghosts are happy, but some still have an emotional pain. Ghosts can leave behind certain scents like perfume. They use their energy and our energy to move objects. Common thoughts of thoughts are displacements of objects, appearance of strange things, signs, laughter, screams, footsteps, ringing bells, and sounds from musical instruments. Usually a ghost does not know that it is dead.  They may appear as mist or vapors.  Hooded black figures usually at the foot of beds. Most ghosts can read your thoughts. Ghosts are wanted to be noticed. Ghosts have no sense of passing time. Sometimes they exist in a state of confusion, like being stuck in a dream.


            Most people think that a ghost is all about haunting or being bad. Haunting are most intense around children entering puberty, as the kids at that age are emitting immense amounts of energy. Haunting of places or people by ghosts is a thought to be connected with spirit’s strong emotions in life, such as a fear or remorse; in many societies funeral rites are believed to prevent returning to haunt the living.


            Many of us have heard lots of ghost campfire stories but are they real or not? Keep on reading. A Roman historian known as Pliny the Younger wrote one of the earliest ghost stories in 1000 A. D.. The society for physical research formed in London in 1882 was the first official organization dedicated to investigating ghosts. By 1990 the society had 11,000 pages of ghost’s reports. Some of the earliest ghost’s stories were written in hieroglyphics by the Egyptians around 4000 B.C. Hans Holzer says, “A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body.”  That is only a few ghosts stories that people have encountered.


            Many humans think that ghosts are bad.  Ghosts tend to be very temperamental (mess with the mind). People believe that spirits of the dead hate to leave their home town behind. Spirits come back to cause trouble and disrupt households. Noisy and troublesome ghosts are usually known as poltergeists.


            People believe and don’t believe in ghosts. About 51 percent of Americans believe in ghosts. Ghosts were apart of Ancient Greece’s culture. Many cultures have rituals to help the spirits of the dead to move on to the next world. Young men of the Dogon tribe perform dances at funerals to help the spirits move on. People today believe today that cars staying together while driving to the cemetery from the funeral home will help a soul stay a good soul; if they spread apart the soul may turn into a restless ghost. In early American times Americans would cover their mirrors in black fabric, this was so the soul would not get trapped in the mirror, and keeping it from traveling to the spirit world. In Europe and America people wear all black to funerals; this was so the ghosts or spirits would not see them. Many ancient cultures believe in the afterlife. In many societies people believe that funeral rituals help prevent ghosts from haunting and living. The Egyptians imagined Ba and Ka ghostlike figures close to a dead body to protect it. Some people think of entering the afterlife as walking through a door to a beautiful new world. If people feel they are being haunted by ghosts they usually read the bible or ask for help. Some cultures believe if they confuse the spirits, the ghosts will be easy to haunt anyone. In the nineteenth century Europe and America, the dead were carried out of the house feet first. This was to stop the spirit from looking back into the house and calling other family members to follow it.


            Are ghosts real? Do they exist? Where are they? You just learned a lot about ghosts, spirits, paranormal stuff, and souls all in this packet about ghosts and a whole lot of information. Thanks for reading. 







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