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knights final draft

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Knights where warriors of the middle ages in Europe who always were armored.  It was hard being a knight but they dealt with it and this is how they did there life would be like.


When a boy where to turn eight years old he would be sent to a neighboring castle and be trained to be a page a low class warrior. If you wanted to be a knight you probably wouldn’t be one because you would have to be a son of a noble to a knight and two you probably weren’t wealthy enough to be one.  When you where to train to be a page you would just practice on strength and you would fight wooden dummies called a quintain just a sac of some things or just made of wood but put in to the shape of a human.  Also instead of just riding horses the boy would have to wrestle them down and chase them some times.  While the young page wasn’t training his body he would be training his mind by being taught how to read and write by a school master (teacher) and he would be taught different languages like Latin and French.  The women of the castle would teach the young page how to sing, dance and how to behave in the king’s court. 


When the boy would turn 15 or 16 years old he would be promoted to a squire to a knight.  That is not really a promotion in some ways but the boy learns from a knight.  As being the knight’s squire he had to take on the responsibility of feeding the knight, polishing and cleaning the knights armor, taking care of the knights horse and getting clothes for the knight that includes dressing the knight to.  When a knight would enter a tournament the squire would help him on the battlefield. 

At the age of twenty after proving himself worthy the squire would become a knight and have his own pair of armor that he won’t have to .  A lord would agree to knight him in a dubbing ceremony.  The night before the squire would dress up in a white tunic and red robes and pray all night long.   The next day the knight knelt in front of and the lord tapped the squire lightly on each shoulder with his sword and proclaimed him a knight. This was symbolic of what occurred in earlier times of the middle ages.

 Knights believed in the code of Calvary which meant that a knight would help the week respect women and respect their king.  All knights were expected to be humble especially to superiors.  They were also expected to only talk when necessary and not boast a lot.  A knight would be armored to their teeth the only reasons squires take care of knights armor is because of all the armor knights had.  Armor was just rings bunched together until it was changed into actual plates so it would be easier to make them.  A knight also needed a shield to protect him self even more during battle.  A shield could be made from metal or wood but knights often would decorate them with family emblems or family mottos and most likely an engraving of the knight’s name.  A knight’s main weapon would be a sword which usually weighed around thirty two pounds. Knights used other weapons such as jousts, spears and maces. This was the road to becoming a knight that was hard, painful and boring. This was what knights did but to conclude knights were great warriors and great people in general who would be respected and loved.  


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