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What can we use, as poets, to write poetically?

  • alliteration

  • brevity and careful word choices 

  • feelings 

  • imagery   

  • metaphor   

  • onomatopoeia  

  • personification   

  • repetition  

  • rhyme  

  • rhythm  

  • simile  

  • stanza length and the form of the poem

  • voice 






Some poems presented digitally with Movie Maker (by last year's 7th graders):



More poems presented digitally with Flash, iMovie, or more sophisticated programs:



Similar assignments with poetry, but using Voice Thread




Look for a poem at the websites below:




Looking for a poem to turn into a Digital Story


Links to other poetry websites Mr. Kabodian likes.


Poetry Archive


Poetry America


Poet Seers


Poets.org:  A fine search engine for finding poems or poets.  The 20 Most Popular Contemporary Poets list, the 20 Most Popular Historical Poets list, and a general search function.

  •  Poets.org store:  a wonderful place to shop for videos, shirts, books, cups...all about poets and poetry.


Library of Congress' Poetry website



20 Poets on the Meaning of Poetry 



Some cool stop action stories (not poems, but omg they are amazing) 


Pete Seeger Tribute page 


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