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beginning and end of the year

Page history last edited by AKabodian 13 years, 8 months ago

Opening thoughts.... 





If you are...

...looking for our Wordles about the LIFE magazines, click here.

...looking for Digital Poetry Resources or forms of poetry? (or for Mr. Kabodian's blog)

...looking for the Utopia assignment, click here; each hour's Utopia page: 2nd hour4th hour5th hour, and 6th hour.

...looking for Earth Day ideas, click here.

...looking for The Giver to listen to, click here or go to the simulation website

...doing Journalism homework, click here.

...looking for a class-generated list of what we can do about bullying, click on the link.

...wanting to report bullying anonymously, click here.

...looking for the Research Project information, click here.  Outline help.

...looking for the list of issues as topics for Persuasive Essays, click here.

...looking for the Public Service Announcement page, click here.

...looking for the Science Fiction Stuff, click here.

...interested in Mr. Kabodian's experience at the November conference in Philadelphia, click here.

...looking for new links, skim the Sidebar along the right column of this page ---->

...looking for suggestions of books to read, check out last year's Book Reviews.

...looking for a specific student's wiki page, either type his or her name in the Search line on the right or open the folder for the hour they have Mr. Kabodian for English in the Navigator window on the right, also.



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