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Hi and welcome to my page! 




Research Paper


The Sixteenth President is Assassinated!


Did you know Abraham Lincoln was the first president to die from an assassination? Even though he died at younger age (56) he is still considered one of the greatest presidents ever. Many people think they know the story of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, however they don’t know the whole story.

John W. Booth wasn’t just some random guy who assassinated Lincoln. He was actually a very famous actor like his father. Like every actor or actress, Booth started from the bottom of acting, soon rising at the top of the acting business. After becoming famous many people starting going to theaters just to see the young actor. Being raised in Virginia, a southerner state, Booth did not like the fact that Lincoln was going to free the slaves. Hatching a plan, Booth decided he would kidnap the President. Having such a daring and big plan, Booth would need people to help him out.

The Kidnapping Plans
Gathering a couple old friends, Booth made his move on March 4, 1865. Booth planned on kidnapping Lincoln at the U.S. Capitol when he was giving his second inaugural address. Booth’s plan failed. For some reason did not follow through even though he had been standing only a few yards away from Lincoln.

Later, Booth learned he would have a second chance when Lincoln would be in a carriage, traveling unprotected roads to see a play at Soldiers’ Hospital near Washington. Setting out, Booth and his group went to the spot Booth had picked, where they would capture Lincoln. However, at the very last second Lincoln had cancelled his trip, making Booth’s plan another failure. Having that plan fail, Booth just decided he would assassinate the President.

Accompanies With Lincoln To Ford's Theatre
Several days before Lincoln’s assassination, Lincoln had won the Civil War and freed the blacks from slavery. Needing a break from the four long years at war, Lincoln decided that he would attend the Play Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre. Lincoln invited several people but they all had something else to attend. The only people who had agreed to go were Major Rathbone and his fiance Clara Harris. Clara Harris was the New York Senator’s daughter. And of course the First Lady (Mary Lincoln) would also be coming. On the evening of April 14, 1865 Lincoln, Mrs. Lincoln, Major Rathbone, and Clara Harris went to see the play Our American Cousin.

The Man Guarding Lincoln’s Box
You many be wondering how Booth even got close to Lincoln. Even though security wasn’t like security today, Lincoln still had a guard. According to Sterling Biographies, the guard was a lazy drunk and had gotten the job because of a bureaucratic mix.up.

Entering Lincoln’s Box
As act three of the play was beginning, Booth walked into the theatre and quietly went up the stair to the balcony where Lincoln’s and the other boxes were located. Heading toward Lincoln’s box, Booth had expected to see a policeman or guard, but when he arrived nobody was guarding the door. The man who had been assigned to guard Lincoln’s box, had wandered off from his post. Only Forbes, the White House aide was outside the hallway door. Making a daring move, Booth walked up to Forbes and handed his card to him.

As Forbes took the card, he realized it was the famous actor John W. Booth. Forbes was more than happy to let Booth in. Waiting outside Lincoln’s box, Booth peered through a hole in the wall and saw Lincoln sitting in his rocking chair.

The Assassination
Slipping into Lincoln’s box, Booth pulled out his pistol and pointed it directly at the back of Lincoln’s head and pulled the trigger. Booth only had one chance to fire at Lincoln and sadly it made it. Hearing the loud gun shot, the audience and the actors were surprised. An awful smelling smoke rose from the President’s box. The theatre became quiet not knowing whether this was part of the play.

Booth’s Escape
Seeing Lincoln fall forward and a stranger in the midst of the smoke, Rathbone immediately jumped to his feet and tackled Booth.  Booth had taken out his knife and stabbed Rathbone in the arm with it. Booth ran over to the railing of the balcony and jumped off. The book Presidents And Their Time written by Harold Holzer says “Rathbone grabbed desperately for Booth’s coat, and Booth tumbled down clumsily, catching the spur of his boot on the flag draped beneath the box.” Landing funny on the stage, Booth broke his left leg. Before making his escape he shouted “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, the Virginia state motto, while holding his bloody knife. “Sic Semper Tyrannis” means “thus ever to Tyrants.” Hobbling away, Booth made his escape in the alley where a horse was waiting.

The Unconscious President
A doctor named Charles A. Leale was the first to examine Lincoln’s wounds in theatre. Seeing that his eyes were rolled to the back of his head, he knew that it was brain damage and that the President would never wake up. Lincoln was brought to tailor William Petersen’s house across from the Ford’s Theatre. The President was placed in a small room upstairs diagonally across a bed because of his height 6 ft. 4 in. Many of Lincoln’s friends came to see him after hearing the tragic news.

What happened as Lincoln Lay Unconscious
Many things happened that night. Lewis Powell (one of the conspirators in Booth’s gang) tried to assassinate Secretary of State William H. Seward of New York. Fortunately, Seward had been wearing an iron brace because of a carriage accident that had actually saved his life from Powell’s knife plunging into his neck. However, Seward would always have scars on his face from that incident. Another assassination plan was also supposed to happen to Vice President Andrew Johnson. It never happened. The man sent to assassinate him (George Atzerodt) had become scared and lost his nerve. Instead he fled to a cousin’s house in Maryland and went into hiding. And the biggest change that night was Vice President Johnson became President.

The Loss of a Great President
Lincoln’s supporters soon filled with sorrow and anger as they heard of the terrible news. Most of the President’s supporters had formed a line outside the Petersen house for a chance to see the President before he took his last breath. The line filled Tenth Street. The morning of April 15, 1865 at 7:22 am. Lincoln died.The hunt was on for the capture of Booth and his conspirators.

The Search for Booth and His Gang
Wanted posters were put up all around Washington for the capture of Booth and his accomplices. There was a $100,000 reward over Booth, Surrat, and Harold. $50,000 for Booth, $25,000 for Surrat, and $25,000 for Harold. Even though Surrat and Harold were noticed to be in league with Booth, they weren’t the only ones.

Who was involved with Booth
John H. Surrat, David C. Harold, Lewis Powell, Ned Spangler, Micael O’Laughlen, Samuel Mudd, George Atzerodt, and Samuel Arnold were part of the gang. Most of them had made plans with Booth to kidnap Lincoln, but when Booth decided to assassinate Lincoln, some of them changed their plans.

What happened to Booth and his accomplices
Booth and Harold had been sheltered and offered food from Dr. Samuel Mudd.
When Dr. Mudd found out that Booth had assassinated Lincoln and that soldiers were looking for him, he immediately had Booth and Harold leave. Staying in the woods of Southern Maryland for five days, Booth and Harold finally moved locations and crossed over the river in a rowboat to Virginia on April 23, 1865. On the same day, they forced a free black man named William Lucas out of his home. The next day, they took a ferry to cross the Rappahannock River. On the shore they met three former Confederate soldiers who lead them to a tobacco farm owned by a man named Richard H. Garrett. Garrett and his son agreed they could stay.
On April 26, twenty-six two days later, the Union cavalrymen had caught up to Booth and Harold. Surrounding the barn, Colonel E. J. Conger shouted “We know who you are! Surrender yourselves!” Harold quickly did but Booth would not. He stayed hidden in the barn.  To get Booth to come out, they set the barn on fire. As the barn started crumbling to the ground, Sergeant Boston Corbett thought he had seen Booth raise his gun to shoot so he fire and got Booth in the neck. Three hours later after being shot, a little while before he was dying and said “Tell...my...Mother...I....die...for my country.” The last words he ever said were “useless, useless” and that was the end of John W. Booth.

As for the rest of the gang, they were found quickly and put in chains and charged for planning the murder of the President. Lewis Powell, David Harold, George Atzerodt, and Mary Surrat (mother of John Surrat) we tried and hanged on July 7, 1865.
Mary Surrat was said to have been watching the group or listening to their plan on assassination at her boardinghouse. Although there wasn’t much evidence to say she was even a part or knew what was happening, she was still hanged.

Lincoln’s Funeral
May funerals were held all over the United State where thousands of people came to see him one last time. Lincoln’s funeral train finally reached Chicago from Washington on the morning of May 1. For the last time anyone would ever see him again was at the county courthouse where thousands of people gathered to see him. Before Lincoln was buried there was a huge discussion on where he would be buried. Mrs. Lincoln won. She had Lincoln buried at Oak Ridge in Springfield. Lincoln’s coffin was put inside a vault with Willie’s coffin on the side of a small hill located in the center of the cemetery to rest in peace.

Lincoln was truly one of the greatest Presidents ever. I think he deserves to have people know the whole story of his assassination and how it affected so many people emotionally and that the world wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for President Abraham Lincoln. Now when you think of President Lincoln, I hope you don’t just think, “oh he’s the guy who got assassinated by Booth”. I hope you think “oh he’s the man who died doing the right thing for our country”.





Book Review:


By: Amelia

Feveris a book written by Laurie Halse Anderson.

The book Fever takes place in the summer of 1793 in Philadelphia. A young teen named Matilda Cook or also known as Mattie Cook has lived and worked in her family’s coffee shop with her mother and grandfather ever sense she was little, but that all changes when she watches her very world change before her eyes.

A deadly fever called yellow fever has been targeting nearly all the people in Philadelphia including Mattie’s mother. When her mother has fallen ill with yellow fever, she insists Mattie leave with her grandfather to go live with her friends the Ludingtons. However Mattie and her grandfather never reached the Ludingtons. Mattie last hears that her mothers going to meet them up at the Ludingtons. The young teen becomes frantic knowing that she and her grandfather have no way of getting to the Ludingtons, so they set off back to their coffee shop hoping the fever will soon be gone so that her mother may return. Now it’s up to Mattie and her grandfather to survive on their own.

Fever was well written, I really enjoyed reading it, and it did not take long. It gives you a clear image of what long ago used to be like in good details. The book really makes you feel for Mattie and the other characters in the book.

I would recommend this book for kids 12 and over interested in adventure and history. The book proves to have a more difficult level of vocabulary for kids under 12. The book is perfect for having a lazy weekend. So if you’re planning on relaxing and curling up with a book, I would recommend this book, it’s the only 249 pg. and has an interesting plot.




Come watch our PSA!




Alex and the Time Traveling 


          by: Amelia




“Alexandra, are you up yet?”

“Yeah I’m coming down, and remember it’s Al-ex!”

“Oh I’m sorry. It’s just that Alexandra is such a pretty name, I don’t know why you prefer Alex.”

As I ran down to the kitchen, the stairs made the familiar thump thump noise I like. When I arrived, the wonderful smell of pancakes filled my nose. Just after coming down, the microwave beeped and Mrs. Waters took the warm syrup out while Mr. Waters got the freshly squeezed orange juice, newspaper and his cup of coffee. Then it was time for breakfast.

Mr. and Mrs. Waters are taking care of me for the time being. I’m a foster child. Nobody knows how or why my parents disappeared. It’s been four years since my parents went missing. Even though it’s a cold case, I’m not giving up. I intend to find out!

I felt like I was in heaven when I took a bite of the pancakes with the warm, sticky, syrup. I love Saturdays because every Saturday we have a breakfast like this. While I was devouring, I paused for a minute when I noticed a small ad in the newspaper Mr. Waters was reading. The title of the ad was Looking for Opportunities? As I read the ad, I became quite speechless.

Suddenly I heard “Alex...?” It was Mrs. Waters kind, warm, and gentle voice pulling me back from my thoughts. I quickly said, “Huh, yeah?” sounding oh so smart as always.

“Are you okay? You’ve been staring into space for several minutes now.”

“Oh... I have? Well it’s just that I noticed an ad in the newspaper and it said they were looking for someone for a science experiment.”

“Well that’s great, but what’s it about?” asked Mrs. Waters.

“It’s about traveling back in time!” A couple minutes after I said that, Mr. Waters put down the newspaper, took a sip of his coffee and said very slowly “Hmm, interesting” as if he discovered a new type of a specimen.  I looked down at my hands. They were getting hot and sweaty. My heart was pounding. I was hoping they were catching on to why I was so interested in it. When I looked up, Mr. and Mrs. Waters were staring at each other.  Mr. Waters turned around and stared at me. He just stared for a couple of minutes, but finally said the words I’ve been dying to to hear. “I suppose you could go if you really want to, but on one condition.” He just paused as if someone had hit the off button on him. I finally just blurted, “What is it? I’ll do anything!” I know it’s rude to interrupt. I usually don’t, but I couldn’t help it, the suspense was killing me. Mr. Waters chuckled and said, “I just want you to remember, this isn’t like the recgrom we have that zaps you food from places.” This is a serious project.” I never thought about how the recgrom was  was kinda like time traveling. You just put an object on the round transparent piece of plastic program it to go to  a certain and then it lights up under the object and then poof, it’s gone. So then i just pushed that aside and said “yeah I know. So when is it and where is it?”

The interview was in a big, red brick building on Chester Field Lane. At one thirty am, Mr. Waters dropped us off at the front of the building, while he went to run some errands. He said he would meet us back here in an hour. When I looked up the stairs of the building, there was a tall, slim woman standing at the top, holding a clipboard and handing what looked to be name tags. So, I asked Mrs. Waters if she would wait outside for me because I wanted to do this by myself. She smiled, said “okay. Fine with me.” and wished me good luck while I ran up the stairs to the woman with the clipboard. When I reached the top, she welcomed me with a warm smile and asked, “How may I help you?” I smiled back and asked, “Where is the room for the interview for the science project?”

“It’s room 116, fourth door on the right. Before you go please write your name on this name tag and write number 24.Then could you write your phone number on this list and put your name on it?” She handed me an E-type card. I took the card and carefully typed my name and 24,  stuck it on the left side of my jacket, then took the clipboard and wrote everything she asked for, said, “Thank you” and quickly ran up the stairs and through the doors of the building.

When I entered the building, it had a long, wide aisle. I slowly walked forward until I was at door 116. I put my hand on the knob, took a deep breath, twisted, and pushed the door open. There were couches, tables, chairs and two people sitting at opposite ends of the room. I let the knob go, looked all around again, and quickly walked to the back of the room and sat down on a pale blue couch. Just then, a man in a white lab coat comes out and says, “Number 22 please come in here.” A man around his thirties grunts a little, stands up and walks over to where the man in the white lab coat was standing with the door held open. The to men walked into the small room, and soon the door closes slowly behind them.

I started thinking of what it may be like when it’s my turn. I thought about how I will finally find out what happened to my parents if they pick me. Then, I started getting excited, but realized I shouldn’t get my hopes up because it is very possible that they won’t choose me. While I was thinking about going back in time and what might have happened to my parents, the door to the small room opened. The man in the lab coat called out number 23. But when no one stands up,I look all around and figured the other person who was in the room must have left while I was off in the ozone. So the man in the lab coat waits for a little while, then calls my number.

At first, I stand up quickly, scurry over to the open door, walk in and take a seat in a red arm chair in front of a small dark brown desk. The man in with the lab coat took a seat behind the desk and introduces himself as Dr.Carter. I shake hands and say, “ Hi, I’m Alexandra Taylor or Alex. He smiles and says, "I’m just going to ask you some questions, then you’ll be done and you may go. The first question is “why do you want to do this project?” Then the next was “what would I do if I get to go back in time?”  He asked questions like that and so on. Before I knew it I was out the room down the hall, out the building and standing next to Mrs. Waters and Mr. Waters.

Mr. and Mrs. Waters asked me how it went and I replied, “It went well I think. A guy named Dr. Carter just asked me a whole bunch of questions.”

“Oh, that’s it?” Mr. and Mrs. Waters said in unison.

“Yeah, that was about it,” I said as I started heading off to the car. Mr. and Mrs. Waters followed and soon enough we were on our way home. And the rest of the day went on and on about what happened and what if I got picked. When it was time for me to go to bed, Mrs. Waters came in to say good night and turn of my lamp.

The next day I woke up remembering my interview, so I sprinted down stairs to the kitchen to look at the phone to see if there were any messages. Sadly, there weren’t any, but when I started to walk away the phone rang so I dashed back and picked up the phone and said, “Hello!?”

“Hello this is Dr. Carter I spoke with Alexandra yesterday.”

“Yes, this is Alexandra. Please call me Alex.”

“Well Alex, I’m calling to tell you that you’ve been chosen for the science project.” I was stunned. I almost dropped the phone, but snapped back into action and replied, “Thank you so much! But would you please hold on for a second?” Before he had time to reply, I set the phone down and ran upstairs to tell Mr. and Mrs.Waters. When I got to the top of the stairs I ran into Mrs.Waters. Before she could ask why I was in such a rush I just said, “I got the part!” Then Mrs.Waters’ eyes get wide and says “That’s wonderful!” Then I said, “Could you talk to Dr. Carter?”

“Oh of course.” I quickly ran back down stairs, grabbed the phone, then ran back up and shoved the phone at Mrs.Waters. Then, I just sat on the steps and waited for Mrs.Waters to stop saying “Yeah, mhm, sure and okay.” Then she smiled and said, “Thanks we’ll be there.” I jumped up and asked, “So what’s happening!?”

“Okay, we’ll meeting him in his lab at Cantans Hall at 9:30 which is in a half hour. So go get changed. I’ll let George know where we’re going.” Mr.Waters name is George, but I’m not used to it so at first I just stared at Mrs. Waters with confusion, but then I remembered and sped off to my room to get dressed. I threw on a t-shirt, jacket, and jeans, then ran down to the garage where Mrs.Waters was getting the car started. I hopped in and we were on our way!

When we got there I asked, “What number is the room his lab is in?”

“Oh 205.” So I jumped out of the car ran up to the building, pulled the doors open and ran up to the second floor where the 200 numbers started. When I found where the lab was I burst in, gasping for breath. Dr.Carter swiveled around in his chair to face me then said, “okay ready to get started?” I said I’ve been waiting my whole life.” Mrs.Waters showed up in the doorway and said “wow you’re a fast one!” I laughed and said “We’re going to begin!” Dr. Carter said “But before we do, you have to sign this paper saying it’s okay to do this.” Mrs.Waters read the paper then signed it and handed it back to Dr.Carter. Dr.Carter smiled then said “Now let’s get started.”

Dr.Carter explained that all I do is put these weird thick black shades on, sit in a special plastic chair that leans back. Next they will program this computer to send me back to when my parents are saying good bye as they’re going out of the house. He said that there will be this motion sickness I will feel but then I’ll be fine when I reach my destination. I got a little nervous but then I looked at Mrs.Waters and her warm smile made me feel better.

As I laid down in the plastic chair Mrs.Waters wished me luck, and handed my thick black square shades. Then everything went blank. When I opened my eyes, I took the shades off looked around and realized that I was at my old home. I saw my parents at the door waving good bye to me. Suddenly I got this sick feeling and poof! I was back at the lab! I sat up straight took my glasses off and looked around for Dr.Carter. When I spotted him stared right at him then asked “why am I back here! It’s only been what five minutes?!” Dr.Carter looks just as confused and stunned as I am. Then he stutters “I don’t know... I programed it to leave you there for 30 minutes!”  Then Mrs.Waters says “well... at least it worked right? And this is only the first time.” I said “right. So let’s try again.” Dr. Carter looked at Mrs.Waters, she nods her head, then he says “okay let’s have another go.” So again I put my shades back on and laid down ready to go back.

I don’t know why but It keeps happening, I can only stay five minutes back in time. I just keep seeing the same thing over my parents saying good bye to me and then I get pulled back! Dr.Carter and I have been working on this for a week now, for several times a day. He suggested I take this week off while he tries to fix the time issue. So I am getting very excited because today he called and said tomorrow I can come back!

“Mrs.Waters are you sure your okay with me doing this?”

“Well of course I love seeing you determined about something that matters to you.” I smile at her and say “thanks.” And give her a hug. She smiles back then says “so do you think it will work this time?” I grin and say “I have a good feeling about this time!” The she says “well there’s only one way to find out. let’s get over there and find the answer!” I race to the car and so does Mrs.Waters, we happily back out of the driveway and to Dr. Carter.

When we arrive, I took a deep breath like I had when I was entering the waiting room for the interview with Dr.Carter. I eagerly run up ahead of Mrs.Waters to Dr.Carter’s lab. I found my self at his lab in no time. I tapped on the open door and walked in. “Why Hello there Alex.” Dr.Carter says with a cheery voice

“Hello I say. So did you fix the time issue?”

“I think I have. I sent food like an apple for a certain amount of time ,and each time it’s come back that exact time I set it to.” My hearts pounding so fast it might stop for a few seconds! “Well I guess I should test it out?” Dr.Carter gestures to the familiar plastic white chair and I spring into action. I put my shades on lean back and cross my fingers for good luck. Right as Dr.Carter programs the computer I see Mrs.Waters smiling at me. Then she gives me the thumbs up sign. Everything goes blank again I can feel the cool grass under me. I take the shades off. Stand up. And brush myself off. Then I watch for what seems like the one thousandth time my parents saying good bye to me as they’re leaving. Then I notice I’m not getting the sickish feeling! But then a different feeling comes. Not one from the experiment. One I’m actually feeling. I feel like I need to go back so I lay back down in the same place I stood up from.I put my shades on and I suddenly get the sickish feeling again and then blank everything is dark.

When I take my shades off I’m back in Dr. Carter’s lab! for some reason what I did worked! At first Dr.Carter starts sputtering “I don’t know what...” then I interrupt and say I caused it.” Both Dr.Carter and Mrs.Waters are just staring at me. Then I explain “At first I did want to know what happened to my parents but then... Mrs. Waters and Mr.Waters supported me the entire time I’ve been doing this and I see them more as my parents now.” I’m starting to cry as I’m saying this and so is Mrs.Waters. I look at Dr.Carter and said “Thanks  for all you’ve done but I don’t want to do this anymore.” He just smiles and says “It’s okay I understand.” I shake hands with him, then I link arms with Mrs Waters and we march all the way down to the car.

When I get home I look in the mirror. My face is all wet and red. Then Mrs.Waters joins me and laughs when she sees her face. Then she says, “George and I have something to ask you.” I smile and say "okay" and sit down at the kitchen table. "George" she calls up the stairs. Then he yells back “I’m coming.” I just sit there bewildered as Mrs.Waters takes a seat.When Mr.Waters gets down, he joins us at the table and holds Mrs.Waters hands, and Mrs.Waters says “Alex I wanted to know if you wanted to live with us permanently?” At first I just stare at her blankly then I start to cry but somehow in all my crying I manage to say yes. Soon we all start crying, but it was happy crying because I’ve finally found my home.







Sal's Place...



            Pipestone National Monument                                                                                                                                 





     One of the places Sal visited is Pipestone National Monument. Pipestone National Monument is not somewhere you can go to everyday. Ancestors of 3rd and 4th generation Local American Indians have passed down this unique technique of hand carving red pipestone in order to keep their traditions flowing. Many people believe smoke from the pipe is to be one’s prayer being carried to the Great Spirit. The red pipestone can be found at Pipestone National Monument. Pipestone National Monument also contains over 500 native plants such as virgin tall grass, prairie grass, and oak savanna. You can also hike up to Lake Hiawatha and Pipestone Creek. There is also the spectacular view of the well known pipestone quarries, the blocks of large red quartzite and the mind blowing waterfalls and rapids! There are more native plants, sites, and historical facts about Pipestone National Monument, but you are going to have to visit there sometime to learn about them!















          My Place...



If  I could go any where in the United States I would go to Hawaii. I would go to Hawaii because I’ve never been there, I’ve heard great things about it, and I think it would be a really fun experience for anyone. Another reason I would want to go to Hawaii is because it’s a desirable place with it’s year round warm weather, beautiful beaches, and magnificent scenery! These characteristics attracted 7,600,000 people in 2007.






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so creative!

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at 2:49 pm on Oct 10, 2010

Haha yeah I know

AKabodian said

at 7:24 pm on Jan 21, 2011

Thanks for writing your wonderful book review. I actually own that book, but haven't read it yet. Your review convinced me to read it. By the way, I met Laurie H Anderson at a conference a few years ago. She's a very down to earth person...friendly and willing to talk about writing; she keeps up an awesome blog at http://halseanderson.livejournal.com/ if you are interested.

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