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Albert Einstein Essay

Do you know someone really smart? Someone with a super high test score or has made a scientific discovery?Maybe its an uncle or an aunt. Albert Einstein is the smartest man I know. His intelligence and the way he thought made him a unique and interesting person. Albert's interest led him to have a very interesting childhood, family, and education. These led him to make many important discoveries and have many great achievements.


Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879 at 11:30 am. He was born into a Jewish middle class family in Ulm, Germany. As a child Albert was very strange compared to the typical people in his time.He offend played with himself and didn't socialize very much. Albert parent worried about him because he was a very late talker, he didn’t talk until he was at the age of two, but when he did talk he spoke his first words in a full sentence. At the age of seven Albert repeated himself a lot. He threw temper tantrums,but usually only towards people with authority. When he turned ten he showed signs of maturity. He stopped throwing temper tantrums and was offend called a goody-goody because he kept to himself and didn’t start any trouble.When he was about thirteen he came interested in mathematics and science. He spent a lot of his free time solving complex equations. When Albert was by himself he like to think about the world and how things worked inside of it. He wondered how things worked and why they worked the way they did. Einstein later called this,” thinking outside the box”. This is the age when when Albert started to show signs of genius in him.


Hermann Einstein was a mathematician. Pauline was a great musician .Pauline and Hermann were Albert's parents. They and just moved to Ulm and then had Albert. Albert had one sister name maria but they called her Maja. He didn’t have many uncle and aunts but one of his favorite uncles was his uncle Jakob. His uncle Jakob had a big influence on Albert because he always supported Albert to his best in what ever he did. Albert's family moved a lot in his life time. They have been to many places including Italy and Germany. When Albert grew older his family extended. He married a girl he went to college with. Her Milevia Meric. He ended up getting her pregnant with his first child. They named the child Lieserl (little Lisa). On May 14, 1904 Albert's Einstein son was born. As Albert became more famous his family fell apart. Einstein divorced his wife, Milevia and married his cousin Elsa Lawentlanl on June 2, 1919.


It was October 1, 1886 when Albert started school. When he started he was seven. Albert went to Volkssuchule, a catholic elementary school, because there no Jewish schools around.When he started he didn’t go to first grade he went directly to the second grade. When Albert went to school he didn’t do so well on the behavior part of school. He still threw temper tantrums and repeated himself. From the way Albert acted it didn’t seem like he’d never do anything with his life. His Greek teacher even told him that he would never amount to anything. Boy was he wrong. When Albert went to college he wen to many of them. Albert graduated from the University of Zurich with a doctoral degree in physics. He also graduated from the University of Geneva with and honorary degree. He even graduated from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland.


In March of 1901 Einstein published his first scientific paper titled “Conclusions Drawn from the Phenomena of Capillarity”.
In 1905 was known as Albert's miracle year. This is when he published his paper called “Does the Inertia of a baby depend on it’s energy content”. He also published his theory of relativity. E=mc2
In 1922 Albert was awarded the Nobel peace prize of physics for his services and especially for the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.


These are some of Albert's interest: math, science, playing the violin, doing puzzles, reading, medicine, philosophy, and sailing.

Albert died on April 18 in Princeton, New Jersey. When Albert died he left many of his work and achievement with us. His scientific Discoveries led us to even more scientific discoveries. An so This is why we still label Albert Einstein the smartest man that ever lived.

Famous quote from Albert Einstein

“Why is that nobody understands me but everyone likes me?”.
“I  have no special talents. I’m just passionately curious”.
“Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited but imagination can encircle the world”.









Why do adults ask so many why questions?
Why ya punch your brother?
Why ya eat the last cookie?
Why didn’t you do your chore?
Why this?
Why that?
We do what we do because we want to.
We don’t say that out loud though because then we get grounded for talking back.
Why you all up in by business anyway?
Ya know what I think, I think that its my turn to ask the questions.
Why didn’t you pay the bills?
Why don’t we have a car?
Why aren’t we livin the good life?
Why this?  
Why that?
But we don’t say that out loud because then
she calls you ungrateful and she starts to cry.

Malcym Carroll



There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom!!!!!!!

    Bradley Chalkers is the oldest kid in his class, he picks fights with girls, and he tells enormous lies. His teacher even says that he has behavior problems. Everyone in the school knows his name and not for positive reasons. He’s a troubled delinquent and the main character in the book I read There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom.

    This story is by the award winning author who brought to you Holes, Louis Sachar. Its about Bradley Chalkers and his mission to find friends and for everyone to like him. But he's not alone on his mission, he has Carla the new school’s counselor. Bradley likes Carla so much because she likes even though no one else does. This story is spontaneous, funny, and teaches you a valuable lesson that you should look at the bathroom signs before you enter them. But that's not the only moral in this story. It also teaches you that sometimes the hardest thing in the world is believing in yourself.

        By: Malcym





Smoking is Unhealthy for you and the People Around you.

    Smoking cigarettes is unhealthy for you and the people around you. This is so because it causes lung cancer that can definitely kill you. It can cause fires if the cigarette isn't put out correctly. and it makes other people around you second hand smoke which can cause other respiratory to those people.


     My first reason to why smoking is  bad for you and the people around is that smoking cause disease such as lung cancer.Every year many people die from lung cancer. 400 thousand people die from lung cancer in America alone. most of the people die because of their horrible addiction to the nicotine in cigarettes. When you smoke a cigarette the smoke that you inhale rots your lungs causing diseases and makes your lungs look as black as charcoal. If you smoke your basically committing suicide very slowly.Smoking is killing your body by causing a disease that suffocates you lungs.


     The second reason why smoking is unhealthy for you and the people around you is because if the cigarettes are put out correctly it could start fires. More than once I’ve seen a person smoking in a car, rolls down the window and then just throws the cigarette out the window. The cigarette could have easily landed in the grass or on a piece of paper and set a fire.If that fire started then a whole neighborhood could be destroyed all because of a silly mistake of throwing you cigarette out of the window of your car. Sure you need the nicotine in the cigarette to calm you down from a days of hard work, but think of how many people could get hurt from your way a relaxing.

     My third and final reason to why smoking is bad for you and the people around you is because of the second hand smoke. It is really hard to stop smoking and if someone is trying to stop smoking and your smoking a cigarette right by them it gives them an urge to start smoking again even though their doing the right thing to stop hurting their bodies. Even worse what if that person has a child and that child has asthma. It could make them have asthma attack that has A high chance of being sent to the hospital. You do not want to be the reason to why someone was sent to the hospital, do you?

     These are all reason why smoking is unhealthy for you and the people around you. You should stop try and stop your horrible addiction to nicotine. And why should you stop your way of relaxing from a days of hard work? You should stop because It causes lung disease, It could start fires, and your forcing other people to second hand smoke.

            By-Malcym Carroll

        Sal’s Place               

The Missouri river is a beautiful river that runs through the states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri and into the Mississippi river. It is one of the longest rivers in America with over 95 rivers and steams that help make it large it covers over 335.8 million acres. The Missouri river is known for its shifting channels, high turbidity, floods and is commonly known as “Big Muddy”.


My place

My place is a beautiful collection of island called Hawaii. Hawaii has 8 island and is a very popular tourist site. I have seen pictures of Hawaii and I think that it is very beautiful and amazing. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii or the Bahamas. They look like the most beautiful places on earth.  My Grandmother has been there and she said it was magnificent. One day I wish to go to the wonderful islands of Hawaii. 




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