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This is the place i go for spring break evey year man i miss the sun.

You don't know what nice is unless you have been where the beach goes on for miles.There is a place  called Johns Pass in Madeira Beach, Florida. It was formed in about 1920 after a pirate. They use Johns Pass to take big ships through the canals or pass ways. It has old piers and a nice inner city. Everyone is nicer than the people in Bybanks, Kentucky (that's where Sal used to live)

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Lake Michigan is a one of the biggest lakes in Michigan. Wow, I want to go there right now.   Lake Michigan has a lot of wind and waves are common. Lake michigan is one of the best places in the world and going there is way better than the ocean. Even better, it doesn't have the bad taste of sea. Lake Michigan has cool water and a nice breeze in your face.  If you sit close to the water on a windy day you'll feel the tingling of mist on your face. The sunset is one of its best things.  Just sit back and enjoy ---  thats what it's really about.


Book Review


            Greg Hoffman was just another young teen in a hurry to grow up. In the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Ugly Truth, Greg is feeling the ups and downs of be a teenager. This story teaches the kid about how to get over a lost friend and how to get that friend back. Greg tries to throw his first boy- girl party. This book is good for young teens that want a laugh, this book is 259 pages long. I give it 5 stars....! 




Is it the end of the world? Dec,21,2012 the Mayan calendar end? Could it be the return of the blessed  messiah the one said to come back 1000 years ago? Or will a asteroid  hit the world before anyone can stop it or, will we? Could this be the end of the world or just one big conspiracy that someone just made up?

         The History Of Armageddon
This term was first used in the bible and later use in saying the end of the world. The people that put their storys in the bible said “a light came down from the sky and an army on angles follow a man on a  white horse, then he pulled a sword out of his mouth. then after that a man came down dressted in all white and through the devil back to his home for a 1000 years.” will that was 2000 so lets hope he comes back an sends the devil back to home for a few more thousand years.
                                                                     The Mayan Calendar
                     The Mayan calendar has 5 world and we are on the last world. So they think that the final world well end so well our world.  Which is not a very good because I dont want to die yet........ some people believe it and some people dont. Anyways each world has ended but the final world the world of the sun god. Well Mayans think a lot of thing but are they true that we must find out.


              It is said that there would be great earthquakes and storms that could flood countries but you must remember that this was almost 1000 years ago they didn’t know much. Some people say that it well end and many people call those people crazy, and i think there right, they are crazy. If it does happen bad thing well happen we need to be ready.  

               After all the finding and facts i have come to a finding that there will not be a Armageddon (knock on wood) the Mayans thought that there would be something will see. Well that what I think and the facts show that the world well not end.




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