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Sal's place


 lake Michigan,WI


Lake Michigan is one of the 5 great lakes it is bounded by Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and of course Michigan. Lake michigan's shore length is 1,638 miles, the max depth of it is 923 feet. It's a part of the group of the 5 great lakes in Northern America, some of earliest human inhabited the area around the lakes. Lake Michigan is the second largest lake in the chain of lakes called the Great Lakes.








Disney world, Florida


I want to go to Florida for all the parks and beaches that it has and all the exciting places and entertainment that there are. Disney world is the largest and most visited recreational resort, it covers 30,080 acres, which it just southwest of Orlando, Florida, having four theme parks, two water parks, 23 on site theme hotels. That's is why I would like to visit Disney World and different places in Florida.




Ricardo G




 Lions are misunderstood animals.They live like any other person just that hunt more dangerously. they have their own way to communicate,they have different way of living together.

 Appearances:For males the length of a male lion is 8-11ft long and female is 8-10ft long.The tail is 2-3.5ft long.Most lions about 265-550 pounds.the height of the average lion is from the ground to top of head is for(male)4ft and (female)3.5 ft.

Habitat:They live in grassland an where there are scrubs and mountain ranges,south of the Sahara.Lions do not live in rain forest. Asian lions live in dry forest lands in northwestern India.

Breeding:Lions begin to breed at 2 years old but the prime age for lions to breed is 5 years old.Lioness have to find a secure place from predators and close to water.2-5 cubs are born blind and with spotted coats,there eyes open after 6 day of birth.Two months after they begin to learn how to hunt with there mother.

Food:Adults eat about 11-15 pounds of meat every day ,they get good shares of food even if they weren't in voled in the hunt,Lion prefer to hunt zebras and wildebeest,because they are slower than gazelles and other animals.

Behavior:Lions hunt during night,and when the moon isn't out in the night sky,open grasslands means that females work together to hunt.Lions can live up to 18 years in wild and 30 years in captivity.

Attitude:Lions spend 20 or more hours a day to resting,”after 4 months cubs accompany there mother where ever they go”.

Living In Pride:Homeless lions live a difficult live on there own,Lions protect other lions an help catch food.With out an established territory.1-6 males in a pride but a lot more females,a prides territory is more than 8-154 miles  long,save places reduce the fights.They communicate with facile and roar.You can hear a roar more that 1 mile away. This is how lions live and what they have to do to survive.


Dr.Philip Whitfield:consultant editor

exploring mammels volume 11














































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no this is not fun

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ok be like that kp i thought we were friends

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i like what u have done with your voki and site

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what's up ricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, and i c u chatted alot with Kp. cool!!!

Kylea said

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i'm sssooo bored. respond dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lot of exclamation points right?

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at 10:39 am on Dec 7, 2010

ricky stop talking 2 ppl and do ur work

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good jod

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