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                                                          Special places

In the last few chapters, Sal and her grand parents tried to travel through states and landmarks to find Sal’s mom. One of the places is Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is the largest lake that’s in side the U.S. and is filled with rich freshwater and a variety of fish. Even though it does not have any sharks in it, it still has some large dangerous and ferocious fish in it. Lake Michigan is also famous for beaches. It looks just like a ocean beach except it is filled with freshwater and it’s more cleaner. Lake Michigan rocks!




If I could go anywhere in the U.S., I would go to Seattle, Washington.  There is a chance I could live there and the tall buildings look very futuristic. It is also where all the airplanes are built and I want to become a aerospace engineer. If I go to Seattle, someone could teach me the basic things. more than half of Seattle is covered in airplane factories.

Seattle also has more futuristic buildings than other cities and has good houses and apartments.
I feel like I want to live Seattle more as I get older. Seattle rocks!!!!



The Vietnam War


                                                                        By: Jin K



 The Vietnam War started in 1955 and was a bloody battle between communist North Vietnam known as the Vietcong and Allies including South Vietnam, US, and other free nations in East Asia. It was also the second clash between communists and free nations.


Early History


 After World War II, Japan has lost control over Indo-China so the French wanted to take control of it because of the resources Indo-China had. Vietnam wanted to negotiate with the French but it was ignored so a small war began. The French had a lot of supplies and better weapons. It invaded cities and gained a lot of land. The US also sent money and supplies in case of spread of communism. But the Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh was unwilling to give up. One day, the French army was surrounded by Hundreds Vietnamese soldiers. The French eventually had to surrender.

 Vietnam became an independent nation. Ho Chi Minh has gained power from Japan and had brilliant ideas to improve the economy. However, the country was about to be formed into a communist nation. The southern Vietnam wanted a democratic government. In order to keep Communism from spreading, Eisenhower had sent US advisors to Vietnam. Vietnam was soon divided and the ultimate war between communists and free nations began.


Outbreak of War


 The US sent troops to South Vietnam to train their army. The US did most of the battles and the South Vietnamese were only to protect themselves in villages and farms. South Vietnam’s allies were the US, South Korea, Australia, and SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization). North Vietnam’s allies were the USSR (Soviet Union) and China. Both North and South Vietnam had Headquarters (HQ). South Vietnam’s HQ was Saigon and North Vietnam’s HQ was Hanoi. The main leaders for each side were President Richard Nixon of the free world forces and President Ho Chi Minh of the communists. President Nixon eventually spread the war.


The Clash


 The US was first winning in the first assault. Their aircrafts cause massive destructions in Vietcong bases and the US had more troops. However, the Chinese and the Soviet Union later sent weapons and supplies. The Vietcong later pushed some US troops back with China’s support and the Supply line called the Ho Chi Minh trail was vital support for the Vietcong allowing it to transport Supplies. However, the US could easily carry supplies by air.


US’s advantages: The US had thousands of troops and better weapons. The US also had better aircrafts so it ruled most of the skies. They were used for intercepting enemy tanks and fighters. One of the most vital supports of the US was Helicopters. Helicopters allowed to carry the wounded to the base fast and were also good for air supports. Although the US had such powerful military, it did not deploy its nuclear force because it could trigger World War III.


Vietcong advantages: Although the US had better weapons and fire supports, the Vietcong were experienced fighters and were better at jungle warfare. Their main tactics were ambush and traps. Two traps that the Vietcong used were scorpions and bamboo Speers. The scorpion traps worked by triggering or pulling a string in a box and it would release the scorpions stinging the US troops. The Vietcong also hid in the underground and would pop out surprising the enemies. The Vietcong eventually got to possess US weapons by taking them from the dead US troops.



US attacks


 The three main attacks by the US were the Christmas Bombing, the Rolling Thunder and the Napalm strike. Most attacks from the US were bombings.

 The Rolling Thunder was a bombing campaign, which the main goal was to destroy the Vietcong bridges, factories, farms, military bases, airfields and other targets supporting the Vietcong. This hurt North Vietnam’s Military power and Economy.

 The Napalm strike was a bombing when the B-52 Stratofortress dropped Napalms on the Vietcong bases and some rain forests. The Napalm is a bomb that makes a small explosion and spreads fire. It was effective but turned Vietnam’s beautiful paradise into a wasteland.

 The Christmas bombing was a large heavy bombing in Christmas. It was also the last bombing when the US was about to withdraw.


Vietcong attacks


 The Vietcong were often hidden in the jungles and would wait for the US troops to come. Since they were better at Jungle Warfare, they always made surprise attacks to enemies. The US troops would be blown up by mines and fall into pits. No matter how many soldiers the US sent, all of them were ambushed and killed by the Vietcong. Soon the US bombed forests and jungles to eliminate the Vietcong ambushers. The Vietcong then dig tunnels and stayed underground when there were bombings. The Vietcong also soon shot down US aircrafts using SAMs (Surface to Air Missile).


The withdrawal


 The US could never defeat the Vietcong no matter how strong the US military was. The US troops were not skilled fighters in Jungles and US bases were being attacked by the Vietcong when a lot of US and Allied troops were on leave. They were losing the war and anti Vietnam War protest was starting. The withdrawal began. The US troops left Vietnam as Saigon fell. However, the US did one more bombing in North Vietnam. It was the Christmas bombing. South Vietnam was soon taken over by the Vietcong and Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City.




South and North Vietnam was reunited and South Vietnam fell under communist control. Vietnam’s economy was corrupted. The Vietnam War cost the US 58,000 lives and 350,000 casualties. Two million communist troops were killed including the Vietcong. The Vietnam War memorial was soon created.




Today Vietnam is still a communist state. Ever since the war, the Economy is still not improved and is a developing nation. Vietnam is working together with Laos and other Southeast Asian countries trying to improve the economies. It was a small conflict turned into a brutal war involving many countries worldwide. The Vietnam War did nothing but cause unnecessary deaths. 




Your Wiki Page


This is your individual wiki page for 7th grade English.  You can delete some or all of these words after you read them and make this page look the way you want it to look.  (You'll still be able to see them on the Template page under the Folders for each hour)




You will, of course, be graded on your wiki at several points this school year.  Your wiki will be graded on the following criteria:

  • that you make your page uniquely yours (25%)

    • this means that you change the font & colors, as well as add other features along the way
  • that you use your time well when we have computer time (25%)

    • this means that you don't talk too much and/or be distracted by your friends when you have time to work
    • this also means that you try your hardest and do your best
  • that you meet the requirements for each individual assignment (50%)

    • these requirements will be explained on each assignment's handout sheet


Here are some other things to keep in mind: 

  • you and your parents signed a form saying you will you this wiki responsibly
    • please do not put others down or use profanity (or upload any songs/videos that use profanity)
  • part of the fun of wikis, and websites in general, is that you can create links to other websites
    • if you include something about Yellowstone National Park in your writing, you can create a link to it
      • find the web address for Yellowstone National Park and copy it (right click, Copy)
      • highlight the word you want to be the link (Yellowstone, for example)
      • on this page (in Edit mode), click on the globe above that says "Insert/Edit Link" if you scroll over it
      • under "Link type" choose URL
      • paste the Yellowstone address in the lower box and click OK
      • click on Save in the lower left corner and then see if it worked
  • here are a couple tips when changing the background color
    • for some reason, pbwiki's editing program doesn't seem to allow a whole page background change (if you figure it out, let me know).  So, you may have to fill in the section in which you want to change the color; you can do this by using the Tab key on your keyboard.  Tab through the area, then highlight it.  Then go up to the Background Color tab (above, left) and change the color to one you like
    • make sure you choose a color isn't too dark; the font color (black, for example) needs to be able to be read over your background color (brown background would make a black font hard to read).
  • here are a couple tips regarding font choice
    • please stay somewhat consistent with your font choice; it's easier to read than... if it changes too often
    • try to make the font size of titles a bit larger; you can use the Format area above and choose a Heading
  • keep your wiki page organized
    • feel free to add a page that's linked to your page if you want; it's a good idea to make a link back to your page
    • if you add photos, include brief captions about what's going on or who is in the photos or why the photo is on your wiki (no last names, please)
    • you can make folders on the Side Bar area; maybe a folder for each of your other three Core areas (Social Studies, Science, and Math) and/or a Hobbies Folder
  • please do not add plugins right away; we will get there at some point.


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