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Your Wiki Page

If you are wondering anything about me I am going to tell you some stuff about myself.


#1. I was born in San Diego California and will never truly be a Michigander or whatever you guys  call yourselves.

#2. My favorite shark is the Great White (when I was younger [like when I was 4-6] I had an imaginary friend named Sharky and he was a great white and he would kill anybody who I wanted him to. Luckily not a lot of people were mean to me back then or so I thought.)

#3. I HATE PEOPLE WHO DRIVE ME CRAZY during or after school.

#4. There is enough people in mms who do that and make me EXTATIC that once my mom graduates and sells our house that we're gonna leave and live near the ocean.

#5. The only things that are holding me here are my awesome friends and my bf.

#6. I have many favorite animals.

#7. At least half of them are oceanic animals.

#8. I am obsessed with the ocean.

#9. So is my mom.           

#10. MY DOG IS THE CUTEST DOGGY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#11. Don't judge me cause I said doggy.

#12. I have been to HELL Michigan.

#13. So you can't tell me to go to hell with out me laughing and then mocking you that I was there and back.

#14. If you haven't noticed by now my favorite color is blue.

#15. My favorite colors are basically any thing blue or green (I also like red!!!! XD)

#16. I'm gonna make some pretend people getting eaten by this shark so don't judge me if they end up crappy.(by the way they're swimming)


          ( D-=) (O-=)        ( =-c)  (='c)

          (^^^) (^^^)         (^^^) (^^^)


( Yes those are sharks. They work on face book.)

                           HEY PEOPLE! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO I MADE WITH SPENCER AND JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D 


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 261ba8557c984f5881e6f414829a9369









 Sal’s Favorite Place
Sal’s place is her home in Bybanks Kentucky. Sal in the beginning of the book Walk Two Moons  had to leave her home after her Mom left her Father and herself. After Sal’s mother left her father was very depressed. He even chipped away at the wall until they found a hidden fire place behind it. Sal’s father also carved her mother’s last name (maiden name) into the wall next to the newly found fire place.    Sal was in a major shock.She kept denying that her mother has left; by showing her father her mother’s favorite things that she would never leave behind. Sal continued to argue with her father about her mother coming back or not. Sal loves her home in Bybanks Kentucky because it reminds her of her mother.This why I think this is Sal's favorite placw


                                        My  Favorite  Place
My favorite place in the United States is San Diego California. It is my favorite place not only because it is my  birth place also because of the city’s beauty and my friends that I haven’t seen for a long time but I am still friends with. A few examples of California’s beauty is the huge Pacific Ocean on it’s coast. The citizens that live there go to the beaches every day but people on the East cost envy its warmth during the cold winters they endure wile it’s a nice 65^f in San Diego.      They have beautiful palm trees, warm weather all the time, beautiful forests,and the snowy mountains. The mountains is basically the only place that’s cold in San Diego.That is why San Diego California is my favorite place in the United States.









 This  research project on the great white shark. Let's here to clear the questions out of your brain about this amazing predator. Now this paper is  going to tell you all about this beautiful, noble, majestic predator that people hate because of their menacing looks, the 'JAWS' movies,and the very few small exploration attacks in a year.


Great white sharks are a mackerel shark. This means their bodies are round and fattier than most other sharks. This helps them be able to go in very deep water with out getting cold. Plus it has more muscular strength than most other sharks too. This helps them be faster, stronger, and more deadly when hunting prey.

The great white’s coloring helps them blend in with their surroundings. On the the top they’re navy blue or grey and on the bottom white.( How do you think they got the name?)This helps them because their prey won’t see them from above or below the shark, so then the shark strikes and has itself a nice little meal.

The white shark has three visible rows of serrated teeth. There are even more inside the mouth and under the gums. The great white’s teeth are needle like at youth but as it matures it’s teeth become the famous triangular shape. the serrated teeth help grab, hold, and tear through the prey. It’s teeth also keep the fish or other prey in their mouth.

The great white shark’s tail is used for both slow movement around the ocean (searching for food and when found not startling it.) and quickly catching their prey by propelling themselves upward. Plus unlike some of the species of sharks the lower lobe of their tail is nearly as long as the upper lobe.

As most people have seen in the movie JAWS, the sharks eye aren’t always completely black in color. The eyes, when they are not feeding are black but when they’re attacking prey, a protective mechanism covers their eyes and makes it completely white. This white covering is called a nictitating membrane and it is thick to protect the eyes from harm.



The great white shark lives mainly in temperate areas in the ocean. If you find the equator, then look at where their habitats are, then you realize that they mainly thrive under and below the equator.
These are the areas where the great white shark can be found.

  • West coast of the Western hemisphere.
  • East coast of the Western hemisphere
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Around Hawaii
  • West coast of the Eastern hemisphere
  • Australia
  • Asia

The white shark lives in these areas because of the prey that lives there. If there aren’t tuna or other possible prey there you probably won’t find the great white. But, if there are these possible prey then “DING, DING, DING!” you found yourself a great white shark!

The great white lives in mainly temperate areas as I said before, but now, I'm going to explain this. Since the great white has a lot of muscle and fat, it likes to stay in colder water. Plus in warmer water there’s less oxygen in the water so you wouldn’t find many sharks in those areas.

Did I mention that great whites migrate? Well here you go, they change the areas were they live when the seasons change. In the fall and winter they go down south to warmer water and also to follow prey. And when the seasons are spring and summer they go up north were the water is colder and once again following prey.



Their behavior is based on whether or not they’re hunting or threatened, and they’re six senses. If you think that they’re cold blooded killers you’re completely and utterly wrong. Most of their attacks on humans are exploratory, in their hunting range, and because of the surfers’ board or the colorings on a divers’ suit or something shiny a normal person is wearing. Shiny things, surf boards, and colorings all cause the sharks to mistake you for prey when they’re hunting and then there’s an accidental attack on you’re hands.

The great white shark has an exceptional six senses. Sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, and the most unique feature, the ability to feel an animals’ presence by it electro-magnetic field. This is called the lateral line system, which can be found all over their face in tiny pores. So if prey is near they can sneakily catch it. Their smell is extremely exceptional, they can smell food from over a mile away! They’re sight isn’t very good though, but this is why they excel in all the other areas.     Their main behavior is based on the time of day it is. They usually are more active during night time hours than day time hours. During the day they cruise the ocean lazily, and at night prowl the ocean for food. If you plan to enter the ocean at dusk, night, or early morning then reschedule quickly. These are the whites’ hunting hours and most possibility of getting attacked by any shark that is. Plus if you have a cut they will smell the blood and be lured strait towards you, and once again you have to deal with an accidental exploratory attack. Also never EVER swim in the ocean alone. Sharks go after loners, weak, sick, dead, and frightened.

The great white also has another awing trait. They’re one of the only non-mammals that can stick its’ head out of the water. This peculiar trait helps them see their prey above surface. It is a major advantage for the shark because this means it can be more precise in its’ hunting and also more lethal.



The great white is a carnivorous shark. This means that they will eat anything, unlike other smaller and/or larger sharks that are pickier about their food. Even though they prefer live meat, they also eat their rare delicacy, a dead carcass of a whale. Also if they have a meal like that they won’t feed for months will swim lazily around the ocean contently.

Great whites eat large fish and weaker, sick, and old animals. Although they like the California sea lions more than fish, they usually only eat large fish such as tuna.

             Here’s a list of foods they like to eat

  • Tuna and other large fish
  • Sea lions
  • Seals
  • Whale carcasses
  • Wounded, old, or sick animals
  • Porpoises (Only when they’re sick, wounded, or old)
  • Dolphins (Look up at porpoises)
  • Sting rays
  • Skates
  • Sea turtles (Look up at porpoises
  • Sea birds
  • Trash (They only eat this because humans pollute the water so badly that they often mistake it for one of these objects above!)

                 This is what they don’t eat

  • Humans ( Although they are sometimes accidentally attacked.[And that’s their own fault because of their completely idiotic mistakes.])
  • Larger sharks or other predators (Alive that is.)
  • Strong, healthy, and non-old animals ( Sometimes they hunt them, well, if they’re bored and hungry.

    Humans are not on their menu because, number one, they’ll fight back, and number two, they just aren't very tasteful to the great white. As I have explained very thoroughly an deeply in the behavior section, when ever they attack humans it’s either accidental or exploratory with no foul intentions. Great whites always realize that this the human is not food until after their mistake happens but at that point the human dies of blood loss and/or has to have a limb amputated. And now the person and that person’s family and friends now has bad blood with the great white and want it dead.
    Their diet effects their behavior because when it’s hunting it’s fast, ferocious, and dangerous. And when it’s not feeding it’s slow, calm, peaceful, and pretty much lazy. Also their food effects their habitat too! In the winter and fall most of their prey goes down south so the shark follows and in the spring and summer their prey goes up north and the shark follows. It goes in this cycle every year.


Great whites are a viviparous shark. This means they form the shark pup inside the sharks body, instead of in a egg. And when it is born it is ready to hunt.
    Since it’s a viviparous shark the pup has an umbilical cord attached to its’ body. After the pup is born it rests for a minute or two then swims away in search of food. And as the pup swims away the umbilical cord snaps off and the pup is free to do as it wishes.
    Usually when the sharks mate the male shark has to bite the female multiple to get her to stay still. This usually leaves the female with scars all over her body.
    After the pup is born and rested it has to swim as fast as it’s little fins can carry him through the water to get away from the mother. The mother shark hasn’t eaten in months and will sometimes eat her own pups. There are usually five or six in a litter of sharks and three or four of them survive to adulthood.


The great white shark’s population is steadily decreasing. There is fewer great whites in the Pacific ocean than ever believed possible. Plus other sharks are also decreasing in population size. There are now only two hundred and nineteen great whites thriving in the Pacific.
    The population decrease in their population is probably because of the pollution, over fishing, being strangled to death by fishing nets, and other accidental deaths.
    The shark species has decreased immensely over the past twenty through thirty years. And some of these sharks’ populations has lowered as much ninety percent. The conservation of nature has classified the great white as vulnerable, but not very much is known about this beautiful creature from the ocean.
    Since scientists don’t know very much about this elusive animal they don’t know if their population in the Pacific ocean is healthy, extremely in danger of going extinct, or somewhere in between the two.


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