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Sal traveled to Yellowstone National Park.It was establised in 1872.This national park is America's frist national park. It has a variety of animals including grizzly bears,wolves,bison,and elk.Yellowstone National Park would be a great place to visit.


A place I would like to visit is Las Vegas.  I would like to play at the casino.  I would like to meet new friends.I would like to live in Las Vegas.I would like to meet famous people.I would to climb the mountain. Welcome to my wiki I hope to know you.please add me soon!





3rd hour



Robots and Hurt


It was a normal day and a bunch of robots came and tried to kill the humans.  The robots got their lasers out and began destroying stores and cars.  They also began flipping cars over.  People began getting hurt as the robots were destroying the town. 


The robots turned and began to chase the people out of town with their lasers.  The people ran quickly and hid in the mall.  They found weapons and came back out to fight the robots. 


With their weapons, the people began to hit the robots as hard as they could because the robots were made out of hard metal.  In defeat, the robots said, “stop hitting us!”  The people did not stop hitting them because the robots had destroyed their town.  The robots began to break into large chunks.


The robots lay there broken and in big chunks of metal.  The people took the chunks of metal and threw them in a nearby lake so they couldn’t be fixed.

Drugs are bad for many reasons.  One reason and probably the worst reason is that drugs can kill you. People can ruin their lives by going to jail. A lot of people are addicted to drugs.

     People can die by over dosing on drugs. When people take too many drugs, their bodies can't handle it. They can damage their bodies to a point where they could not be replaced. When parents are addicted to drugs their children could be in danger for child abuse. Children look up to their parents for guidance, but if they are taking drugs then they are showing a bad example to their kids.


     People do drugs and go to jail they stay in jail for life or five to six years. The people who do drugs may call a undercover cop when the cops come and gives the man the drugs the police say put your hands behind your head and they will take the man to jail. If you take drugs at a young age you can get addicted to drugs and go to jail.


  If you do drugs you may hert your self or hert someone else. If you do drugs all the time your kids may do the same thing when they grow up and their kids may do the same thing. If you make your child do drugs you are stupid and dumb because if they do it they will do the same thing you did and go to jail like you did they might want to do something with their life not do drugs like you did.


  Drugs are bad kids, If you read this, I hope you respond to my wiki  and don't do drugs like other people, ok? If you do drugs, it will mess your life up! what if you want to be famous, a baseball player, or a basketball player? Don't do drugs. If you do drugs, you may die early! What if you want to meet someone famous or you want to be famous or your kids want to be famous? If you do drugs non - stop, you may die, you may go to the hospital, all the time or you may get lung cancer. If you let your kids do drugs, you are stupid and your kids, may die of lung cancer like you did.They watched you do that when they were younger and you did nothing about it and you watched them do that and laughed with them.You thought that was ok and it's not ok so if you let them do it, still, their kids are going to do it thats stupid and dumb. The people who do drugs are diyng or in the hospital with lung cancer and about to die and some people can't afford  surgery because they use their money on drugs.

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i like your piture

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dude,u spelled picture wrong. omigosh, you should spell correctly oh and wat up yasmany!

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at 1:03 pm on Apr 26, 2011

heeyyy yasmany, liv says hiii<333

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