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                           if i could go anywhere in the united states i would to Los Angeles , California to see the Los Angeles lakers play because of all the great player to magic Johnson to Kobe Bryant.And the lakers are the best team in the NBA today also they have one of the best owner ever Jerry buss and plus they play in the staples center.

                                      los        Angeles is home star movie also Hollywood in close by                                                                                                                                          i got this from google                                                                                                                                                                                    sal visit

 The last few chapters sal try to travel in her my mom foot step by travel just to find her mom i think so will find her mom by she but she might be sick and ill and her deading bed but dew u think that sal will find her mom.also sal is travel with her grand parents.but do u think that sal will find her mom                                                                             In the chapters sal travel to lake Michigan to some of her landmarks lake Michigan is the largest and it is fill with nothing but fresh water and venality of fish.c


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