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                                               Vincent  Van gogh’s life

Vincent  Van gogh’s life was riddled with depression, and  a lot of illnesses. He was troubled during his life  and sold only one painting  and suffered with a mental condition and it was called dyslexia and he had many more problems and I am going to tell you them.

Who was Vangogh? He was a Dutch painter, and his career was not too good, (he only sold one painting) ,had frequent illness’s and suffered from depression.Through  his troubles he became one of the most famous artists in the world .His art is beautiful.. Van gogh was born March 30th 1853 in southern Groot-zunder and he had 5 siblings. Two were named after his mom and dad and Anna was his mom, and Theodore was his dad, and Anna was a daughter. Theodore was a son (Theo for short), Isabella,  William, and Cornelia were all Vangoghs siblings and his favorite sibling was Theo. He was like Van gogh’s best friend who was very very close to him.


Vangogh did become successful at uncle cent’s company.

in 1873. After 4 years some people transferred, and vangogh was one of them. He transferred to a branch in London. Vangogh was happy there. he also met a woman and her name was Eugenie Loyer and her mom was the manager of the motel that he was staying at. but Eugenie did not love him back, and the feeling of being rejected and loneliness made Vangogh very religious.

In London, Vangogh gradually became  delusional,. and the happiness kind of fell apart. He talked to Theo about a plan that he would see art dealing like a fraud


In 1875, he (Van Gogh) was transferred  to the Gospel & company,  but one other employee said that it was very hard to work with Vangogh. the next year, Van Gogh is now 23, was a dismissed.

he left at Christmas time (the busies time of the year) and left with out permission, and went back to England.
he began to work agean as an assistant french teacher.

Later in his life he made a painting and it was called “wheatfeild with crows,” (1819), It is  very intense and is an example of a “double-square canvas,”that he used for his paintings. later on July 27, 1890, he walked to a close field and shot him self in the chest. he died in bed 2 days after he shot him self and he lays beside his brother Theo.  






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welcom maria

dear maria i hop you are geting things done and i hope that you get the timwe to get setteled in welcome maria . 



My place:
I would love to go to Wisconsin because one of my friends went to Wisconsin and she said that they are very famous for their cheese they thought it was good. I also like to choose places that I have never been to so i thought about all the countries and Wisconsin pop up in my mind and i thought and love the idea so that is why I want to go.   It sounds like a nice place to go. they also have a good dairy factory and they call it the dairyland the sandstone cliffs of the Wisconsin Dells is another reason i want to go there and now  here are some pictures:

there cheese has been awarded best cheese.

here is another picture:

this is the Wisconsin’s dairyland
Wisconsin Dells

Now here is Sal's place





                                              welcome tourist to the badlands

most people are pulled to the jagged beauty of the badlands.
the badlands contain the worlds best place to go to dig for fossils.Ancient mammals such as rhinos, horse, (they aren;t extinct or endangered )
and saber-toothed cat used to lived here and the park apparently this park’s  an expanse of mixed-grass prairie where bison, big horn,and black footed ferrets live today. this is how they made the name of the badlands:
When the Lakota first encountered the striking, moon-like landscape, they aptly called the area “Mako Sica” or “bad land.”


by: Maria 
I got all the pictures on google images  

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