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WELLCOME To My Wiki Page!!! (: hope you love it! <3



Pretty Little Liars


By: Sara Shepard


As they walked in with their Coach sunglasses and Juicy bags filled with dirty little secrets. Spencer sister has new boy friend and Spencer is obsessed with him. Aria is secretly in love with her English teacher. Emily has a new friend Maya And Hannah’s in love with looking flawless is making her sick to her stomach. And their most horrible secret yet is to still to be uncovered and the truth will ruin them forever.


I recommend this book because it’s scary but sweet and funny but not so funny. But if you love mystery like I do then you will love this book. It’s filled with mystery and suspense. And if you have secrets this will make you second-guess about them and whom you leave your secrets with.


“And why shouldn’t I tell? They deserve to lose it all. With every crumpled note, wicked IM, and vindictive text message I send, it’ll be taking these pretty little liars down. Trust me, I’ve got enough dirt to bury them alive.”


                                   - A

Future 101

Zoe Francisco


6th hour


Sh-reek went the car in the drive way. “Were here” said My mom in a happy voice. I opened my eyes from a long time of sleep. The sun shine beamed through the car window causing my eyes to hurt. I walked out of the car. The house was huge! And it was right on the beach! “Wow! This house is huge!” I said to my mom sounding a little excited. “Well you sound excited!” I thought in my head, NO I'm not!!!! I like the house but I can’t believe we would move like that! me leaving all my friends? what are you thinking? I'm excited? Urrrg! I feel like half of my heart is ripped off because of you! “Yeah I guess I sort of am, I said in a sad voice.” I lied  because I knew there’s a lot of things going on in her life right now so I didn’t want to make her even more annoyed so I Left my comments to my self.  “Well should we go in and unpack?” my mom said to Andrew, John and I“Sure” we all said in fake excitement. After we  unpacked our cloths we decided to put some decorations up and some furniture.  

    It was night time and I was Getting ready for bed. As I was brushing my teeth I heard a weird noise coming from the attic. It was a weird moaning noise sound and it was getting louder.  I spit my green looking tooth paste out of my mouth. And ran to my room. The moaning noise went away. I walked out of my room and went creeping to the bathroom again. Nothing happened so I went back and started to brush my teeth again.    

The next morning I was thinking at breakfast about   what that noise was. I asked John and Andrew if they herd anything weird last night and they said no. Just what I thought. I went on through that day thinking about what that noise was. I thought of a plan, I would get John and Andrew to go up to the attic tonight with me and try to find what that noise was.


“John” I whispered to him.  It was 12:30 in the morning and the noise that I herd the night before was going on again. Then John got up and  we went to wake up Andrew. We all walked up to the entrance door for the attic. Andrew was the tallest so he pulled the ladder down. We walked up to the attic and we saw a big circle thing that looked like a portal to another world or something. “Whats that?” said John. He was pointing at the portal thing. “I don’t know. It looks like a portal though” I said. We all walked over there and there was a lever that looked like if you pulled it the portal would turn on.  Then John said, “I wounder what would happen if you pull this lever?” So as curious as he is, he pulled it. It made a weird noise like a broken vacuum tyring to start up after it was broken. “John?” both me and Andrew yelled. “sorry” Then the portal stopped making noise. “See, It didn’t do anything.”  But then all of a sudden it made a really loud  beeping noise and it glowed up to  a bright neon blue.       

    “Oh my!” said John. We should go in it.  “NO!” But then of course Andrew and I ate our  words and we went in not thinking what could of happen to us.  It was like the FUTURE! it was soooo amazing! it was like a place I've been waiting for in a long time. OMG!!!!!! ( (Oh My Grandma) There were police robots, every one was floating on these cool disc type of things.  There were new fashion lines that i have never seen be for and they weren’t that expensive.


Special Places



If I could go any were in the United States today i would go to Boston Massachusetts. I would go and see my Aunt Tammy, Unlce lee and new baby couson Rian!! I would go there to see their lake. I don't what is exactly called but i have been canoeing  in it and kayaking. I think it's soo much fun!!!! We also go to Dukon Doughnuts. we get free stuff because my aunt works there and is like the maneger. she also did a comericial with my little baby coson and its soooo cute!!!!!!    




Sals place




Sal use to live in Bybanks Kuntucky and misses the swim hole and all the good times there.  


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