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Walk Two Moons Essay (Rough Draft)

Page history last edited by Sean 12 years, 11 months ago

Walk Two Moons Essay (Rough Draft)

By Sean, 6th Hour

I would like to warn that this essay will spoil reading the book.


          This essay is going to be about the book Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. The main character in this story is named Salamanca Tree Hiddle. Some other important
characters are Pheobe, Gramps, Gram, Mrs. Cadaver, and others. The story is about a trip from Ohio to Lewiston, Idaho for Sal (short for Salamanca) to see her long-lost mother. 
While on this trip, Sal tells Gram and Gramps (who are also going on the trip) the story of Pheobe, Sal's friend in Ohio that had her mom, too, mysteriously disappear.
   Throughout the course of the book, Sal learns that things are not always what they seem to be.

          One of the characters that Sal learns about in this story is Mrs. Cadaver.  Near the beginning, Sal and Pheobe assume that Mrs. Cadaver is an axe murderer and 
killed her husband. Most of this "prediction" was from Pheobe, who describes her voice as "dead leaves". When Mrs. Cadaver gets a shiny new axe, it only reinforced the idea 
that Mrs. Cadaver is so evil. After hearing this, Sal starts to believe Pheobes predictions more and more. Those are some things that Sal and Pheobe think about Mrs. Cadaver.

          Later in the book, Sal and Pheobe discover who Mrs. Cadaver really is. They learn that her husband was killed in a car crash, and her mother, Mrs. Patridge, lost
her sight. Also, Mrs. Cadaver was a nurse, and she was on duty when the car crash happened. She was trying to save her husband when he died.  They also learned that Mr. Birkway, 
who was their English teacher at school, was Mrs. Cadaver's brother. Finally, Sal speaks to Mrs. Cadaver herself (all the past details were explained by Mr. Birkway) and learns
that her mother died in a bus accident in Lewiston, Idaho in the mountains. Mrs. Cadaver was sitting next to Sal's mom when she died, and she was the only survivor.

          Another one of the characters that Sal learns about in this story is Mike Bickle, or as viewed in the beginning of the story as a "potential lunatic". This all starts when 
an unknown teenager knocks on the door of Pheobe's house. Sal was over at the time, so she saw him too. He asked for Pheobe's mother. Pheobe told him that she was unavailable at the 
moment, so he walked away. Afterward Pheobe explained how this teenager could be a "lunatic" who is trying to kill her family. Sal also believed this. Those are some of the things that
Sal and Pheobe originally thought before they actually met Mike.

          Finally, Pheobe's mom disappears for an unspecified period of time. Sal and Pheobe discover that the "potential lunatic" is supposedly the son of Mr. Bickle, a police officer. 
they call all the Bickle phone numbers in the white pages of the phone book and figure out that Mike (whom they don't know his real name yet) goes to a university not very far away. They 
travel to the university and find Mike with Pheobe's mother, which Pheobe had assumed earlier that she had been taken by the lunatic. Furious, Pheobe and Sal return home to recieve a message 
that Pheobe's mother is coming back tommorow. When she arrives they discover who Mike is and that Mike is really Pheobe's mom's son. That's what Sal and Pheobe eventually learn about the "potential 

          Overall, Walk Two Moons was a good book. I'd definitely recommend reading it, despite the spoilers you just read. I have never experienced anything in my life like that story, 
and I hope I don't.I hope you enjoyed my essay and will enjoy reading the other ones!

By Sean A.       


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Sean said

at 1:41 pm on Oct 20, 2010

One of the underlined words is on the right, so you must use the scroll bar at the bottom to see it.

Malak said

at 3:17 pm on Oct 20, 2010

good job

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