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                   by: Louis Sachar

Summary When


 Stanley Yelnats gets arrested for something he didn't do, the judge gives him a choice: Camp Green Lake or jail. But Stanley never thought that what happened at Green Lake hundreds of years ago would effect him in any way. Stanley is part of a tent group  along with, X-ray, Squid, Zig-Zag, Magnet, Armpit and zero.The camp is supposed to build character but after a month of waking up at 4:30 a.m. and digging a five foot deep and across hole, Stanley figures that they're looking for something.


   Stanley's great great grandfather promised his old friend, Madam Zeroni to carry her up the hill and let her drink from the water up there to help her live longer. But if he failed to do so, then he and his family would be cursed forever. And now Stanley is cursed with bad luck.


 While digging another hole, Stanley finds a lipstick tube,which he later finds out that it belongs to the famous out law, Kissin' Kate Barlow. Stanley runs after Zero, who has become his only friend at camp, and they climb a mountain in search of water. During this trip up the mountain, Zero tells Stanley his real name, Hector Zeroni. 


* Will the curse ever be lifted?

* Will they ever find the rest of Kate's treasure?

* Will stanley ever see his family again?



What I liked about the book        

   I liked how they explained everything along the way. I also liked the story itself. It was a great plot, and I really didn't want to put it down.

 This book is a great book for those times when you don't know what you want to read, or for a car ride. It's easy to want to continue reading.


What others thought about the book

"A smart jigsaw puzzle of a novel"

- The New York Times Book Review


" [A] rugged, engrossing adventure."

-School Library Journal


"Larger than life."

-Publishers Weekly


"Imaginative plotting and memorable characters make this novel a winner."

-Book magazine


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