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                                                 By: Olivia


     Have you ever looked at a person for the first time and your mind started to jump to conclusions about what you think that person is like? In Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, Sal, the main character, makes assumptions about people by just taking a first glance. Sal learns some things about making assumptions throughout the book and her habit of judging people at first glance starts to fade.

   In the book Sal becomes good friends with one of Phoebe neighbors, Mrs. Partridge. They become unlikely friends and form a sweet relationship with each other. First, Sal and Phoebe go up to Mrs. Partridge’s house and Mrs. Partridge asks if she can feel their faces. The two girls thought it was a little strange that she was asking but they gave in. Mrs. Partridge used her hands and felt all over their faces. Finally, she set her hands in her lap and guessed both of the girls’ ages. As they walked away from Mrs. Partridge Sal talked about how remarkable it was that Mrs. Partridge could do such a thing. In that example, before Sal encountered Mrs. Partridge she probably had many thoughts racing through her head about what Mrs. Partridge was like. Only she could control if they were good or bad. Instead, she learned a little bit more about her so she wouldn’t jump to conclusions.

   Another person Sal misunderstands is Ms. Cadaver. Just her name alone maybe had Sal thinking about absolutely horrible things. Sal thinks that she is an evil woman who has killed her husband. At this point in the book Sal only knows a few things about Ms. Cadaver and she is already accusing her of murder. Later in the book Sal realizes this isn’t true and that Ms. Cadaver actually has a very depressing background. Her husband died in a car crash and she was the only survivor of the bus crash that Sal’s mother was in. After making her initial assumption, Sal starts to feel guilty and wishes that she hadn’t said them. 

   As you can tell through the story, Sal can sometimes tend to judge people by just a look. The next time you take a first glance at a person don’t jump to conclusions. As Mrs. Partridge says, don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.

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