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Homework for Mr. Kabodian's English Classes

Wednesday, May 18

Today, we are working in pairs to answer five questions about utopias and how they relate to The Giver.



When you and your partner create your page, name the page this way:

  • Utopia, the hour you have English, your group number (with no commas or spaces)

    • for example, if you have English 3rd hour and you are in group 5, your page should be called Utopia35 

  • Put your page in the folder for the hour you have English
  • The assignment is worth 15 points and will be graded on the following:
    • each of the five questions is answered; answers are correct and/or relate correctly to The Giver; opinions are supported with reasons; partners used their time well and both contributed to the assignment.   


If you finish the five questions (and add a link or two), here are a few things to do:

  1. Check out the page we made as a class yesterday called "What the Giver Community is Missing." 
    1. add more links and/or embed videos that relate to the list  
  2.  Explore the Giver website we looked at in class a couple days ago. 
  3.  Read and comment on some of our 2011 Research Papers 
  4. Open the Start menu on your computer; open the program called "Photo Story 3."  Find a few photos on a theme or use the Sample Pictures in your My Pictures folder --- upload them to a new Photo Story project.  Play with the program and see if you can figure out how to create a digital story using it (there are similarities to Movie Maker).
  5. Read the chapters for tonight (16, 17, & 18). 



Monday, May 16

We reviewed Ch. 10 & 11, focusing on the memories that Jonas receives.  Mr. Kabodian shared some East Lansing area memories (photos) and we discussed the purpose of memories in society; we introduced the words "utopia" and "dystopia." We looked at a Giver website that provides a visual summary of parts of the book.


Thursday, May 12

Students completed a study guide over Chapters 1-6.

We reviewed Ch. 7 and read the beginning of Ch. 8 together.

Students need to write sentences for the Giver Vocabulary Set 2 tonight.

And read Ch. 8 and 9.  



As you read The Giver,  be looking for ways to describe the main character, Jonas.  A character trait sheet is due on Wednesday, May 11 (vocabulary 1 set is on the back of that sheet and due at the same time). 


We recently started reading The Giver.

We read the first chapter together in class and the reading schedule for the rest of the book is below.  There will be a quiz on Tuesday, May 17, over Chapters 8-13. 


Chapter…by this date…...number of pages 

  2-3       Tu., 5/10            14 

  4-5       Wed., 5/11         13 

  6-7       Th., 5/12           17 

  8-9       Fr., 5/13            13 

 10-11    Mon., 5/16       15 

 12-13    Tu., 5/17          19 QUIZ

 14-15     Wed., 5/18      12 

 16-18     Th., 5/19        22 

 19-20      Fr., 5/20        16 

 21-23      Mon., 5/23    15 



The Giver first assignment

  1. Go to the website below.  Where it says "Day 1," complete the Activity and then visit the author's website (Lois Lowry).

  2. Answer the Activity on the back of the Bradbury Biography sheet(you don't have to do the poster board or pictorial part).

  3. Then, using the author's website, answer the following three questions:

    1. What was Lois Lowry's childhood like?

    2. What general theme do all of her books deal with (including The Giver)?

    3. What does she say (at the bottom of the page) that our future depends on?

  4. Turn the paper in. 


The Giver assignment website 

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