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You can use the following website for your answers:  http://www.elainefitzgerald.com/utopia/#Introduction


If your group uses any other links than the ones found at that website, you need to cite the link in your answer.


1. What is a utopia?


a perfect place. where nobody gets hurt, a very safe inviroment.


2. What is one example of a utopia (a book, a movie, a song, a place, or a concept)? (besides the Community) 


a perfect place would be something like heaven . because there is no crime and there is nothing that is a danger to you. and everything and everyone are safe. there is nothing to worry about.



{if you finish early, make a link to more info about your example}


3. In what ways is the Community in The Giver a utopia?


because in the community the people and everything is safe. and everybody is equal. everything goes the way that they want it. and then they have these rules that everybody has to follow or there is some sort of consaquence. nobody dares to disobey the rules.


4. In what ways is the Community in The Giver not a utopia (sometimes called a dystopia)?


when they have to relase a child. they do not want to release a child but they have to, because they do not want the child to be a danger to the communuty and they do not want him to be a spec of different from everybody else in the community. and some people do not like the jobs that they were given but they have to live with them. because if the child is different, then they are in danger to someone else being different.


5. Would you want to live in a utopia?  Why or why not?


no, because if everybody is the same then how are you supposed to express you indiviualdy. you  have to be, act, and look the same as the people standing next to you.


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