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Charles and Sara  AWESOME BEST GROUP!!!

You can use the following website for your answers:  http://www.elainefitzgerald.com/utopia/#Introduction


If your group uses any other links than the ones found at that website, you need to cite the link in your answer.


1. What is a utopia?

A Utopia is a world or socitety that is perfect in legal, political and in society systems.

2. What is one example of a utopia (a book, a movie, a song, a place, or a concept)? (besides the Community) 

Communist nations are founded upon a utopian concept but this often fails because of people who are not dedicated enough to that certain ideal.  


3. In what ways is the Community in The Giver a utopia?

The community is a utopia because it lacks war, suffering and crime. In it, everyone serves their purpose until they must be released.  

4. In what ways is the Community in The Giver not a utopia (sometimes called a dystopia)?

Not everyone is equal in the community and different occupations carry different importances. It also is eerie because the sameness is too extensive.  

5. Would you want to live in a utopia?  Why or why not?


I would not because there is not enough diversity or ability to exersize one's mind. The absence of diversity makes it boring because the uniform sameness keeps people from doing anything interesting. 

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