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Utopia 56

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Isabella Ndlebe

Emily Pendred

English 5th hour



1. What is a utopia?


     A Utopia is a society or community pushing for perfection using power from its government and by using a socio- politico- legal system.


2. What is one example of a utopia (a book, a movie, a song, a place, or a concept)? (besides the Community) 


  • The Community    
  • Looking Backward- By: Edward Bellamy 
  • The Hancock Shaker Village, in Massachusetts



{if you finish early, make a link to more info about your example}


3. In what ways is the Community in The Giver a utopia?


     One way the Community is a Utopia is because it is stressed to be perfect in every way. Also, they are controlling over rights to make everybody homogeneous.


4. In what ways is the Community in The Giver not a utopia (sometimes called a dystopia)?


     One way the Community in The Giver is very different from a Utopia  is that it is still striding to have the perfect society, and in an official Utopia, the communities already have this.


5. Would you want to live in a utopia?  Why or why not?


     No, we would not want to live in a Utopia. The reason for this is because in a Utopia everything is always the same- so nothing would ever be exciting. Also, in a Utopia, perfection is expected, we wouldn't like this because you wouldn't be able to learn from your mistakes. And, in conclusion, it would lack freedom and you couldn't make your own decisions.





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