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1. What is a utopia? IS a ideal community possessing a perfect socio-politico-leg system


2. What is one example of a utopia (a book, a movie, a song, a place, or a concept)? (besides the Community) A book 


3. In what ways is the Community in The Giver a utopia?you get ideal care when you are born and all through life.


4. In what ways is the Community in The Giver not a utopia (sometimes called a dystopia)? they control when you get an item and they control what roll you do.


5. Would you want to live in a utopia?  Why or why not? yes i would like to live in a utiopia because i would have everything and eanything i wont when i wont it. I also would ont wont to live in one because there would be rules and restions to what I can and can not do.


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