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2nd hour Utopia answers

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What is a Utopia?

A  perfect place where nobody gets hurt. Your life is controlled and they try to make everybody happy. Everbody is treated equally.   


Examples of Utopias

  • Dinotopia 

  • The Garden of Eden 

  • The Witch and Wizard 

  • The Hunger Games (tries to be a utopia)

  • Acorn Community 

  • The City of Ember (also tries to be a utopia) 


How the Giver Community is a Utopia

They pick everything for you for example, house, clothes, and food are provided for them. A safe organized community where everyone is cared for and everyone follows the rules. 


How the Giver Community is a Dystopia

You do not get to chose your own job or any other choice. There is a lack of creativity. Lack of basic rights like freedom of speech.  


Would we want to live in a Utopia?

We as a class would not want to live in a utopia.

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