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Truman show test 1

Page history last edited by Jonathan 13 years, 1 month ago

10) When Meryl advertises the new cooking utensil what dose she say it dose?


   a) slices,peels,cuts


  b) opens bottles


  c) slices,peels,dices


11) What dose Truman always say?


  a) Good afternoon, good morning and good night


  b) Good morning, good night, good afternoon


  c)  Good night, Good afternoon, good morning


12)  Why was Truman's father worried when Truman tried to climb over the hill at the beach



13)  Who is this picture supost to be of?





14) Why did Truman's old school teacher say that there was really nothing left to explore? 



15) How did Truman fool everyone into thinking he was asleep when he left? 




















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