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The Giver: Ending Revised

Page history last edited by Sean 13 years ago

The Giver Ending: Revised

By Sean A., 6thhour, continuing from Jonas leaving The Community

It was nearly nighttime and Jonas was exhausted. He found a nearby natural shelter and started to rest. After all, he had been biking from The Community all day. Gabriel seemed content with himself once he was able to hop off and look around. There was a sunset to the far right from where Jonas was standing. As he looked around he could not help but admire the vibrant colors of the sky protruding his once normal black and white understanding of the world.

By next morning Jonas was up and ready to go. He had found a spring and drank from it. He had also offered some to Gabriel, and gave him an understanding of the word springwhich Jonas had himself learned from his received memories from The Giver.

Through the morning Jonas and Gabriel set off on the bike and came across hills and bumps in the road. However, they did not go far before encountering a stranded vehicle Jonas had perceived as a pickup truck.

“Do you need help,” Jonas asked.

“I don’t need it, but I take it when it comes. Here, carry this,” said the man standing nearby. Jonas told Gabriel that this machine is a truck and the man standing by must be the driver.

“Finally! The car is fixed. Do you have any idea how long idea i’ve been here lads? Well, long enough that is!” the driver exclaimed, “Will you lads need a ride to Bustleton?”

Jonas thought for a moment. Bustleton must be what he learned to be a town in Elsewhere. “Yes that would be very nice, thanks.”

“Well hop in!” The driver, who later said his name was Charles, poured some liquid Jonas did not know about into a hole in the side of the truck and got into the driver’s seat.

Almost an hour or so later, Jonas was dropped off with a jolly “Good Bye!” and was left in a suburban area with houses decorated with lights of red, green, and all sorts of other colors.

Jonas then found a surge of hope.

The End.

Comments (1)

Sean said

at 1:50 pm on May 31, 2011

The "Jonas found a surge of hope" at the end is a joke about the real ending of the Giver.

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