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Austin rivers is a beast

 Basketball is Life





MIchigan was and still is the best

BLue and maize is where it's at










Panthers by Xzavier


Being active


by Xzavier



I think schools should have more physical activities to be required, do to the high rate of obesity for children. One type of physical activity could be calisthenics. There are so many bonuses to being fit and active. Your physical appearance is better, you won't always be tired and dragging in the morning. This can help you b more lively and hyped up.




First, there should be more people trying to bring attention to child obesity so people will help do something about it. I know talking to a friend or child on this subject can be touchy at time  because some people are just sensitive, but you shouldn't tell someone that they don't have a weight problem whenthey do. I know that everyone doeesn't like to do physical activities, but there are so many options, so i don't think children should have an excuse for being obese.




Second, being fit and active doesn't mean kids have to starve themselves and not get the nutrients and vitamins they need. Fruit, vegetables, meats, and grains are what young people should eat. It doesn't mean you have to only eat healthy foods because at times you can have hunk food, but in moderation. One of the most popular reasons people become obese is because a bad diet.




Third, being more active will decreases you on stress levels, and help fight depression. Your mood will be more positive and socital skills will follow due to a good attitude. Another bonus factor is that exercise also benefits children in terms of sleeping patterns. Meaning they are much more likely to have a better night's sleep, if they have had plenty of exercise in the day. Good sleep is vital for good health.




In conclusion, children and peole in general would rather be active than to be a couch potato and not do anything about it. Since the outcome to being active is amazing, and you can find so many different varieties of food that you could choose from, including the benefits of being healthy and active. More people should try to be fit and exercise. Also, parents have the power to help their kids, but they shouldn't put it in a bad way for their kids that they're obese. So go do something today. 





my sci-fi story







BY: Xzavier 


It all started in 2156. At Houston, Texas in a secret lab, a group of specialized doctors were about to do something that would change the world forever. Dr. Smith had come up with the final parts of the operation. A vaccine that would cure any disease known to man. As all of the doctors added the final touches to the formula an exuberant thing happened. At first it was minor but then the doctors started to notice that the formula was fizzing then steaming. They had to eradicate the premises because they knew what was going to happen. The explosion covered the ozone layer, which changed mankind as we know it.


          Steve Awoke with a stumble, trying to find out where he was and then it came back to him. The explosion. Deep down he feared that this would happen but he only came up with one vaccine. He had to come up with others. First, he had to cure himself with microscopic robots that would support his body from the fumes that came from the explosion. After he injected himself with the microbots, Steve felt more lively and fresh, like he could do anything. “ I need to get the plasmatiron mix from the lab so I can create more vaccines for the infected. I wonder what they turned into?”


            “ Anyone there?” Steve whispered into the air. SPPPSSSSHHHH. Something whizzed by Steve’s head as he backs away in terror. “ What are you?” Steve shrieked. It was a drooling green monster that had one of the doctor’s nametags on. Steve jerked forward and sprinted with all his might to get to the plasmatiron, but the mutated doctor caught him. Steve cried out in pain as his leg was gushing with blood, and it’s not stopping. Soon Steve noticed his leg is slowly turning a greenish color and now it’s going all over his body. “ Why! Why did it have to go wrong, I could have stopped this!”


          Steve didn’t know at the time that the explosion had spread. And it’s orange fumes spread around the world at an increasing speed. Covering the ozone layer, which caused every single person and living organism to mutate into greenish creatures. Could you imagine a life like that? Where you have to fight for survival all day?



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