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Stephen king
In my opinion Stephen king is one of the greatest writers.

he has published many books
Stephen king was born September 21, 1947 in Portland Maine to Donald Edwin King and Nellie Ruth. When Stephen was 2 his father left home after stating he was going to the store for some cigarettes, leaving Ruth king to raise Stephen and his adopted older brother by herself. The family moved from Portland, Maine to de pere, Wisconsin, Fort Wayne Indiana, & Stratford, Connecticut, they returned to Maine when Stephen was 11, so Ruth could care for her parents until their deaths. Ruth then became a caregiver at a local facility for the mentally challenged. In 1974 Kings mother died of uterine cancer. Kings aunt read king’s novel,Carrie, to her before she died
As a child, king witnessed one of his friends being struck and killed by a train although he doesnt remember the event his family says he went to play with a friend and he came back speechless, this may have psychologically inspired some of King's darker novels.
When king was a child he uncovered a collection of short stories by H.P. love craft he later told barns and noble in an interview in 2009 I knew that I'd found home when I read that book.”
When king was a child he went to Durham elementary school and began writing for fun. King began selling stories he had based on movies he had seen to his friends but when discovered by his teachers he was forced to return any money made.
In 1970 king graduated from university of Maine with a bachelors degree in English and one daughter he had with Tabitha spruce. As king attended university of Maine he wrote a column for the student newspaper called Stephen king’s garbage truck.” He sold his first professional short story, “The Glass Floor”, to a magazine called Startling Mystery Stories in 1967.After graduating from college king began selling short stories to mens magazines.
In 1973 kings novel Carrie was published by Doubleday, king had an advance of 2500 dollars. He now started writing a book called,the second coming, which he later changed the title to,Salems lot.
In 1974 king and his family moved to Boulder, Colorado, where king wrote the shining. King also wrote multiple short stories under the pseudonym, Richard Bachman. The stories written were: rage, in 79, the long walk, in 81, the running man, and in 84, thinner, 84. The reason for this was king wanted to see if he could recreate his success and make sure he didn’t get famous because of luck.  On June 19, 1999 king was hit by a car at about 4:30 pm while he was walking on route 5 in Lovell, Maine. King was thrown 14 feet off the road. This collapsed one of his lungs, broke his right leg, and hip. Once king was healed he purchased the minivan that hit him to prevent from appearing on eBay. The van was later crushed at junkyard despite kings desire to smash it with a baseball bat.
In 2003 king won the national book awards, lifetime achievement. “Stephen King’s writing is securely rooted in the great American tradition that glorifies spirit-of-place and the abiding power of narrative. He crafts stylish, mind-bending page-turners that contain profound moral truths–some beautiful, some harrowing–about our inner lives. This Award commemorates Mr. King’s well-earned place of distinction in the wide world of readers and book lovers of all ages.”-national book awards.
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    Book: Stephen king, master of horror.


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