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After 20 Years vs. Retrieved Reformation


If there was no TV what would you do? Well what if a man wrote all day for fun? There actually was a man by the name of O. Henry who wrote many stories while he was in jail; many of them were based on true stories. Two were very similar the names of the stories were After 20 years and retrieved reformation. How were these stories alike you ask? Because both stories people changed their futures for the best, and even though they didn’t know it at the moment but the changed their destiny.


In the story After 20 Years two men met each other accidentally. Maybe it was fate or maybe it was destiny, whatever it was it happened. In the beginning of this story, two men by the names of Silky Bob and Jimmy were on the wrong paths of life, what both did to get on these paths was they were robbers. After 20 years, Jimmy changed his bad ways of life and became a police officer and changed his name to Ralph. One day Jimmy was wandering around the city and found Silky Bob committing a crime, Jimmy had to make a decision, to turn his old friend in or to let him go. Jimmy could not arrest his old friend, so he sent another police officer to do it for him.


The story I found similar to After 20 Years was Retrieved Reformation. It’s about a man named Jimmy Valentine who is sentenced to jail for 4 years, his friend gets him out early and he only spends ten months in jail. Jimmy does not want to live a life of crime anymore so he changes his name to Mr. Jones and moves to a small town where no one knows him. When Jimmy moves here he does not know that a detective is following him and wants to put him on trial and send him to jail again. When Jimmy was walking one day in the small town he meets a gorgeous girl named Agatha and falls in love with her. Jimmy needed a way to get money so he decides to make a shoe store, later it becomes very popular and Jimmy becomes very wealthy. One day Agatha’s two nieces comes to stay with her and her father, who also owns a bank. The girls were playing with the new vault when all of a sudden it closes on one of the girls. No one knew how to open the vault except Jimmy, but No one knew that at the time either. Jimmy has to make a decision, to reveal his true identity or to save the little girl. Jimmy finally gives into his conscious and goes to get his tools to crack the vault. When Jimmy starts to Crack open the vault, he sees that the detective that was looking for him was in the back of the Bank. Jimmy continues working anyway, ignoring the detective. When the vault finally opens, and the little girl is free, Jimmy thinks he is going to be arrested, but the detective does not even realize it was Jimmy. Jimmy proposes to Agatha and she accepts.


In the end of both stories, each man changed his life for the best, and they get treated like they always wanted to be treated. The moral of both stories is that even though you were not a good person in the beginning of your life, you can still change. How O. Henry wrote was marvelous and it always had a surprise twist to it, he always taught how to be better people then you are now, and in time you can change………………………………





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                                                   My Myth Rough DRAFT!!!!!



Broken Heart

Once long ago, when the world was still young, lived Athena, goddess of wisdom and war. She was Zeus favorite daughter, and it was her time for marriage, soZeus wanted her to marry Hephaestus, god of fire, who was favored by him because of his power. But Athena fell in love with a mortal, Aeneas, because of his handsomeness and strength. They both met each other when Aeneas went to visit his mother Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, and when Athena and Aeneas both met; they were immediately in love and wanted to get married very soon. A day before Aeneas left to the world he asked for Athena’s hand in marriage, she accepted immediately. Zeus was furious of the matter, and sent Aeneas to the battle of the world. Athena wondered where Aeneas was, she asked Zeus and he said that he died, but he was not dead, Zeus lied. Athena died right after Zeus told her this, because of a broken heart. When Aeneas came home from battle to make preparations with Athena for the Marriage, he found her dead. Aeneas quickly went to tell Aphrodite what happened. When Aeneas told Aphrodite what happened, she was furious of what Zeus did, and planned to kill Zeus, Aeneas pleaded not kill him because he was the father of his truelove. So Aphrodite made an agreement with Aeneas, she would only take the beauty of Zeus’ eyes away and make him invisible to mortals, so he could only be loved by goddess, for what Zeus did hurt the way Athena and Aeneas Loved………… 







To view my paper click the link


My research paper











Mama Said I ain’t smart enough


Science fiction story


By, Paloma R


Perspective of story by “Kid”*




August 10, 2068

My mama always said “I ain’t smart enough”; she said “get smart or get out”. She beat me when I wasn’t thinking smart, and got me all bruised up. One time it got so bad I had to go to the hospital and get all these stiches done to my arm. My mama didn’t like me much, or my Daddy, cause he ran away when I was still in mamma’s tummy, it made me wanna cry.


August 11, 2068

I used to be smart, but I was real little at the time. I don’t remember being smart, I’m probably dumb because I can’t remember much. She tells me “you’re no good”, so here I am now, typing. Mama sent me a way three years ago to the brand new 2068 dumb school. It’s for those kids that ain’t smart enough to learn no more. Everyone in the world got to get this surgery done to get smart; if the surgery doesn’t work you stay at this dumb institute.


August 13, 2068

Whenever I try to call my Mamas home it goes to voicemail, I don’t think she likes me no more, because I ain’t smart enough like I used to be. For some reason I can’t learn much, I got to do these addition problems to make me learn but I’m no good at learning them. All my old friends are graduating while I’m still working on addition. It’s no fair; I must be a loser because no one wants to talk to me no more.


August 15, 2068

Did I forget to tell you? I live at the dumb institute. Mama doesn't want me near her because I always make her look dumb in front of all her friends. I got a roommate whose name is Soupandara, it’s a weird name, so we call him soup, it’s better than mine. My name is spelled like so Seungyong I can’t say it, people only call me kid.



August 18, 2068

Mama came by today to visit, she hit me real hard, but the nurses didn’t care if she beat me or swore, they smiled at her!  Mama told me to be smart or she would kill me. Tomorrow, I’m running away .forever; I won’t stop until I see the woods, my roommates coming to. If anyone reads this there not gonna find us, cause were running real hard and won’t stop,

Thanks your pal kid.


August 30, 2068

They found me, and took me away to the special room. The special room is a room with sponge walls and floors, they put chains around you and two guys watch you trying to get out. I don’t think they’re nice cause they don’t try to help you. Soup is in another special room and we can’t talk no more.


 September 3, 2068

Mama set up another operation for me to get smart, it didn’t work. The doctors say if I don’t get smart then they’ll move me to the C-wing, which is the worst place you could be moved to, cause that’s where the craziest people live. I promise I’ll get smart, I really do promise.


September 5, 2068

They’re shutting the dumb institute of 2068 down. I got to go back with my Mama, but I guess it’s better than this place. I’ll miss soup, that’s all I’ll miss. So todays my last report, thank the Lord! I guess this is it, bye everyone. Bye forever………. 


                                         * = kid is  a country boy and a non-fiction character, he was based on Charlie Gordon from flowers for Algernon







My book review


Book title:Paisley Hanover acts out



Cameron Tuttle


Paisley Hanover is just like most other high school sophomores. She's hoping to be popular, hang out with her friends, and get into college. She has even developed a seven-point plan on how to get into the college of her choice. However, this plan has to be thrown out the window when she finds out that the administration overbooked the Yearbook class by one person. And it just so happens that the two people who aren't on the list are her and Candy Esposito , the prettiesgirl in school. It's not even a contest. Along with losing, Paisley also completely humiliates herself by doing a new move . This, and many other events, turn into the worst (or the best?) year of her life. Or so she says. 

Don't be fooled by the pink on the cover! This is an awesome book! I thought, "Oh boy...what did I get myself into..." and then I read the book and it was so much better than I thought! 










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check out my book review!!

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