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Allie Br

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                                                                                      Personal Narrative      

                                                   Grace and I had just climbed the scorching hot sand dune back to our campsite. We had spent a couple hours at the beach swimming, reading, tanning, and taking slow walks down the sandy beach.  We had been sprinting down the beach, Grace, Andrew, Adam, and me.  We had run in an inch or two of freezing water past a lady with a short chocolate brown hair cut a pale face and mean eyes.  She was reading intently and we accidentally splashed some water on her she yelled “HEY” in a nasal voice then reached out, extended her skinny out and tried to grab Andrew.  Luckily for him she missed by a little bit.  Then we walked back to our spot and just relaxed for a while. 


                         Grace and I got to the campsite, right behind the dune it was shaded which was really nice our feet were so hot they felt cold. We saw our sisters and our parents, my sister (Meghan) and Grace’s sister (Audrey).  They were in dripping wet cloths. As far as we knew we knew they had gone for a bike ride.  “Guess what we did on our bike ride?” Meghan asked us.  “What?”  I asked, Audrey told us that they had gone out on the break wall or pier and jumped off, Grace replied by saying that it sounded really fun.  Meghan said it was and as much as I really didn’t want to agree with her, I really thought it did sound fun.  So Grace and I started asking our parents if we could go back.


                        We were going camping in Petoskey state park, one of my favorite places in the world.  We were with a group we called the fun families my family, Grace’s family, and a couple other families with kids our age.  As soon as Grace and I wanted to go to the break wall everyone heard and wanted to go so after lunch the other families got in their cars to go and Grace and my families got on our bikes.


                        When we got to the break wall everyone was already there of course.  In front of us all that was left was a two or three foot wide sidewalk with rough, pointy rocks overlapping the sidewalk and then the rocks went down about ten feet to the deep water.  There were people walking on the other side with dogs or riding on bikes and there just wasn’t enough room so I got off my bike and walked it like 20 feet until the pier widened to twenty- five or thirty feet. Then me and Grace quickly ran over to everyone else and got ready to jump in the water.  But when we looked down the water was black and the drop looked big.  Someone started to count down “10…, 9…, 8…, 7…,” So me and Grace jumped. Ten feet down and almost thirty feet of water, there were the two sides and the end.  The side we were on was calm, the other side was wavy, and the end had waves and giant rocks at the bottom.


                           The water hit hard we went under and under and under the water was cold as ice and it was pitch black down where we were.  It seemed like it was taking forever but then we started to come up.  SPLASH we all came up at once and shook the water off our faces the sun was warm and it felt great.  We all raced to the ladder it had seaweed all over it it was slimy and hard to climb up, but I went as fast as I could.  We were all anxious to get out of the water so we could jump in again.  We all lined up and went again and again probably about 20 times jumping different ways.  We tried all of the sides, the end was my favorite, we saw one guy ride his bike off.  Then he threw his bike off … and then he couldn’t get it.


                                We finally got ready to go we felt so refreshed but we were tired.  We finally got on our bikes and rode back to our campsite.  After jumping in so many times we then saw a lady on the pier, pick up her dogs poop, and throw it in the water.  We were disgusted, but we still came back the next day.  It was sunnier, the waves were bigger, and it was way more fun.  And for the next week Grace and my lungs were so congested that we would breathe in deeply and we would start to cough.



                                                              Smoking should not be allowed

                                                                                         I believe that smoking should not be allowed in the USA.  Not only is it bad for you but it can also hurt everyone around you.  And smoking costs a lot more money then you realize or would ever guess.  These are just a few of the many reasons that smoking should be banned.


          Smoking definitely can kill people.  It can give you lung cancer, and other serious illnesses.  Smoking is addicting, but there are ways to stop.  It’s not worth it to die from such and unimportant thing such as smoking.  1.3 billion People smoke and 6.5 million people die from smoking each year.  Many people actually turn to smoking because of problems they have in their life.


            As well as smoking can affect you, it also affects the people around you, strangers and loved ones.  You cannot smoke and still be in danger because of it.  53,800 people die every year because of secondhand smoke.  In any event, if you smoke, think of the dangers you’re putting others in.


             Obviously money is nowhere as important as you and others life.  However smoking can put you in a bad place financially also.  On average in a life time you will spend $72,000 on smoking.  With the expenses and the dangers there are reasons to stop.


              To sum up all of these problems to smoking your life, loved ones, and money.  I believe the government should not allow smoking.  It hurts people in so many ways and helps them in about none.  So if you have any power over this, you should really consider, solving this issue and help people in America and worldwide.




       This research paper is about Tigers, one of the most beautiful animals in the world.  But this animal has a big issue, extinction.  Many kinds of Tigers are already extinct, and many kinds are going extinct fast.  Tigers are a very important, beautiful animal that is endangered and it is important for us to save and keep this animal around.


          There are six kinds of Tigers: Bengal Tigers, Indochinese Tigers, Malayan Tigers, Sumatran Tigers, Siberian Tigers, and South Chinese Tigers.  Siberian Tigers live in Eastern Russia’s Birch Forests, and sometimes in China or North Korea.  Siberian Tigers are about 3.3 meters long.  Sumatran Tigers live in Asia and are seven to eight feet long.  Of course, Indochinese Tigers live in China in the forest climates.  South Chinese Tigers live in China and live in a forest climate, and are about nine and a half feet long.  Bengal Tigers mostly live in South Asia and live in a tropical Rainforest Climate, and lastly Malayan Tigers live in the Malayan Peninsula and are eight to ten feet long.


                 Tigers can usually find food best by water with tree cover, but by other places too.  In the wild, tigers are carnivores so they eat meat.  Depending on where they live they eat antelope, deer, boars, yaks, hares, monkeys, and wild dogs.  In captivity, they eat pretty much the same thing.  With how much tigers eat, they have to catch prey every several days.  Some of tigers hunting techniques are hiding in the tall grass, and then getting 10 to 20 meters away from prey.  Then it runs fast and attacks the animal.  Tigers advantages to catch prey are they’re strength, claws, jaw, speed, and camouflage.  Tigers can kill most animals but one animal they can’t kill is an elephant.  But tigers can kill bigger prey such as bears, wild oxen, and gaurs, which can be 1,650 pounds bigger.


               Tigers can live in many different places depending on what species of Tigers they are.  They can live in Southeast Asia, China, Korea, or Russia.  Although many people think they live in Africa that is why it is important to educate ourselves on this beautiful, endangered animal.  Tigers live in Asia because it has a lot of cover and plenty of food.


                  Tigers survive best in the jungle, but even there they still have many predators and still have a hard time surviving sometimes.  They live in Asia in wet, humid, hot, jungle climates but can still live in other places in icy and cold forest climates.    Sometimes Tigers will hide in caves from predators such as leopards and people.  Tigers do not live in packs except for moms and cubs.  But adults do not travel in packs and live together.  Some of tiger’s biggest predators are buffalo, bears, elephants, but their biggest predator is a human.  Tigers could not survive any place without water, animals, and places to hide.


                      Poachers hunt Tigers, and other animals, which may be Tigers biggest threat.  But poachers aren’t supposed to hunt tigers.  There are actually bans on hunting them because they are endangered.  Mostly people do not kill tigers for food, but more often for their coats.  Tigers are endangered and there are only about 5,000 tigers left in the wild and 15,000 in captivity. For example 100 years ago there were 40,000 Bengal tigers in the wild, and now there are just 4,000 left.  Tigers are going extinct but not because they are not raised well, Tigers are treated with care as cubs but also have to work hard to learn and have a lot of discipline.  There are three kinds of tigers that are extinct, the Bali Tiger, the Caspiar Tiger, and the Javan Tiger.  Tigers are becoming extinct because of poachers and loss of land, which other animals are suffering from too.  Many Tigers are extinct, and the surviving ones are endangered, so it is important we take a stand and try to save tigers.  One way we can see amounts of tigers are by tracking them, we can temporarily put them to sleep, them we can attach a radio collar and them we are able to track them from afar.


                 The largest tiger is the Siberian tiger, and the smallest tiger is the Sumatran Tiger.  Tigers can be anywhere from four feet tall, four meters long, and 660 pounds and can be as small as 75 to 140 kilo grams and 7 feet long.  But the average tiger is about 448 pounds, 10 feet for a male and eight feet for a female.  But Tigers aren’t the only giant cats; Lions are also a big, tough, and beautiful giant cat.  The average tiger can live up to 20 years, but can also have a shorter life depending on poachers, animals, and other things.


                     Tigers are very important to us, the beautiful animals cannot b let go, the food chain in Asia could get messed up and many other things.  But the tigers are slipping away from us thanks to all the people out there who want them for money or are taking away land without realizing it.  Tigers are declining too fast and we need to make a big effort to save them.  Tigers are a very important, beautiful animal who is endangered and it is important for us to save and keep this animal around. 





           Tigers Outline

_1__.  Introduction

_2_  .  Species

  1.  How many kinds of tigers are there?
  2.  Siberian Tigers
  3.  Sumatran Tigers 
  4.  Indochinese Tigers. 
  5.  South Chinese Tigers.  
  6.  Bengal Tigers.  
  7.  Malayan Tigers. 

_3__.  Hunting

  1.  Where can Tigers Find Food Best?
  2.  What do Tigers mostly eat in the Wild?
  3.  What do Tigers eat in captivity?
  4.  How much do Tigers eat and catch prey?
  5.  What are Tigers hunting techniques?
  6.  Tigers advantages to eat and catch prey.
  7.  What animals can protect themselves from tigers.   
  8.  Can tigers catch bigger prey?
  9.  What is the biggest Animal a Tiger can kill?

_4__.  Habitat

  1.  Where Do Tigers Live?
  2.  Why Do Tigers live where they do?

_5__.  Survival

  1.  Where Do Tigers survive Best?
  2.  What Climate do Tigers live in?
  3.  Are Tigers an animal that hides from predators?
  4.  Do Tigers live in packs or alone?
  5.  Tigers biggest animal predators.
  6.  Tigers biggest predator 
  7.  Where is a place Tigers could not survive?
  8.  Where can Tigers find food best?




_6__.  Dying Off

  1.   Do people hunt Tigers?
  2.  Are people allowed to hunt Tigers?
  3.  Do people kill Tigers for food?
  4.  How many Tigers are left in the wild?
  5.  How many Tigers are left in captivity?
  6.  How many Bengal Tigers did there used to be (example)?
  7.  How are the young tigers treated and taught to survive?  
  8.  How many kinds of Tigers are extinct?
  9.  Why are Tigers becoming extinct?
  10.  How many species of Tigers are endangered?
  11.  How can We track Tigers?

_7__.  Other Things To Know


  1.  Largest Tiger.
  2.  Smallest Tiger. 
  3.  How big can Tigers be?
  4.  How small can Tigers be?
  5.  How big is the average Tiger?
  6.  Are tigers the only giant cats?
  7.  How long does the average Tiger live?


_8__.  Conclusion


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