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   HI I am Linda welcome to my wiki  


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                                 Lost on the Titanic

“Extra! Extra! Over 2000 people dead on the sinking of the Titanic yesterday April 14 1912.Not sure of why yet but hoping for people to get to NYC safely in only 16 lifeboats.” Many consider this only and iceberg but it was much more. There are many reasons that people find this topic interesting but out of all things said one is true it’s one of the biggest mysteries of all time.   

As people began to get excited that the time was coming near that he or she got to board the Titanic, the white star line had a lot of work to do and because of this they made two very bad mistakes in blueprints. For starters, as many know she (Titanic), didn’t have all 36 lifeboats needed for everyone onboard the ship. To make it look better only 16 were aboard ship.  Also when builders were putting rivets in, they used #3 iron heads, which break easily. They were supposed use steel in the bow (#1) but it was too thin for steel rivets. These rivets break with only 5 grams of weight and the iceberg was a lot more.

     The day this tragedy all went down is not only the saddest of all this but also the most mysterious day on the ship. Many ships were near her that night the closest ship was the California but after a message the titanic sent (see below #2) the California had turned off their radio connections for the night. The Carpathia, however, was the closest to them with their radio still on. Soon the Carpathia was on its course to the Titanic’s rescue with a top speed of only 20 knots per hour, it however would take longer to get to the Titanic than how long it would take the Titanic to sink.

     Many of the crew was asleep when she hit the ice happened but soon loaded most of few lifeboats. For some, however, survival was not an option, Captain smith for example was on his last trip before retirement and never made it home. Many say he went down with the ship but its not really proven In fact he most likely got into the water but died of hypothermia.  One member of the crew turned out to be very lucky. Second officer Charles lightener sunk with the ship and got blow up by most likely the forth-smokestack witch only severed as an air vent and got into classable boat B and lived. If you have ever seen the movie you’ve seen the  scene where a man drinks beer before jumping off. That is based off of the baker who had done that before throwing chairs off deck to help save people.

     Many events led up to the sinking of the Titanic. Most in the ship itself like the rivet failure and yes not a lot of lifeboats. Also a human error was a big part. This was important to show the world not to cut corners in safety. All the events that happed played a big part in the sinking of the beloved Titanic.         












1: steal rivets

2:note: “shut up you bloody idiot”     









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                                                                                                                  Fencing Chick Postcard

A: cat runs up tree 


Birds fly free


Continues TV shows run but the poor 


Dogs just want to play where


Everyone parties and little kids need 


Food for there


Growling and some kids need  


Housing if only it could be provided so


I vow to be a rightful loyal one to

Joke and laugh… to welcome everyone  

Kind I will be to all for I will


Love the world and support its


Manny differences




Only do


People matter so ask me


Questions on what dose


Remind yourself that this


Strange world is not


Theirs but yours and it’s


Unique so take care of it


Value it


Welcome it don’t treat it like an

X-ray and just look through it just

Year after year treat it like a

Zebra and cherish its stripes for this world this strange, strange world is not mine yours or

Strange dude on your blocks but ours





 I love to fence!




A LOT OF PEOPLE BELIVE THAT SCHOOL STARTS TOO EARLY.  Those people are right, school should start later because if school did start later fewer things would interfere with school and leaning time, there could be more family time and most importantly kids and adolescences would get more sleep. For these reasons I believe that school should start later in the day.

            First of all I believe that school should start later in the day because fewer things would interfere with our leaning time. For intense if you where to have doctor appointment at 10:00 on Tuesday school would most likely be going on but if school started later in the day you would not miss out on some of your classes. If school stared later in the day missing out on valuable leaning time and skills would become minimized.

            Next school should start later in the day because there could be more family time. If there’s more family time it would keep family feuds to a minimal and keep kids happy. Also there could be more bonding time so if a family cannot go the park on the weekend because it is raining then if it is not raining on Monday in the morning they can go before school starts.

Last of all kids and adolescences could get more sleep. Ben Franklin said “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” sadly though he was wrong adolescences need at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep. If people do not get enough sleep they may lose focus easily, and get as much out of class as you think they would.

             In conclusion I believe that school should start later because of three things. First of all there would be fewer things that would interfere with class time. Second of all there could be more family time. Last of all kids and adolescences would get more sleep. I strongly believe that  school starting later would be better for everyone.



All hope is lost as sorrow rains in deeply, deeply through my skin.


The old oh no, oh no this can’t be true he loves me notyou. You’re odd, you’re ugly, I am beautiful; I am smart with not a hair out of place.


As I hide my feelings only you can see I hate you and that he should of loved me

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AKabodian said

at 4:58 pm on Mar 21, 2012

Hi, Linda. Check out these photos and the other information about the Titanic on the National Geographic website. Pretty eerie shots.

olga said

at 1:00 pm on Mar 22, 2012

:O I wanna see if you can answer this... How many square feet is the Titanic (all floors you know...)?

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