Critical Issues

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Critical issues list:   

·      the garbage patches in the oceans

·      de-valuing of the teaching profession or unions

·      does recycling help and is there more we could be doing?

·      the overthrow of authoritarian governments in Africa with help from social networks

·      widening of the class/economic gap (rich getting richer, poor getting poorer)

·      Government stand still:  Republicans and Democrats can’s work together

·      need for alternative fuel sources

·      the rising cost of a college education, getting into debt, not finding a job

·      not getting a college education and what that option would mean

·      what to do about the national debt

·      if there are so many helping organizations out there, why do we have so many problems still?

·      disappearing glaciers at Glacier National Park

·      is assisted suicide wrong and cruel or just and humane?

·      what to do with all the space junk floating in space

·      where does our food come from

·      where does our junk go

·      whether to close Red Cedar Elementary School

·      whether we should renovate the middle school to include 6th grade

*    drilling for oil in the Arctic


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